Pinstripe May Have Just Blown Up His Relationship With Jane On 'The Bold Type'

Philippe Bosse/Freeform

Spoilers ahead for The Bold Type Season 3, Episode 9. You could practically feel it coming, but the June 4 episode made it official. Ryan, aka Pinstripe, cheated on Jane on The Bold Type and it sent waves through their previously solid relationship. It already seemed like bad news that Ryan was going on a lengthy book tour to talk about his book — which just so happens to be filled with stories about his unique sexual exploits — and especially when talk of an affair came up in last week's episode.

Jane, worried that all the stuff in Ryan's book was true, was comforted by Alex. He pointed to the example of Madame Bovary, which is about a French, female peasant, but was written by a rich man. "Being a good writer is the ability to step outside of yourself," Alex said. Jane then questioned, "Didn't Madame Bovary have an affair?" That line foreshadowed this week's episode, in which Ryan got drunk and kissed someone else. He then immediately came home to tell Jane about it, but she was understandably too upset to care that it "didn't mean anything" to Ryan.

"I can't do this," she said after Ryan confessed to her (at Kat's election party, no less. Pick a better time, dude). "Don't touch me and don't follow me either," she added, leaving him at the bottom of the stairwell. Ryan is not always one to respect Jane's boundaries (never forget when he inserted himself into her egg-freezing process after she explicitly told him no), but he did respect her wishes this time and let her go.

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Ryan was a player when he met Jane and he still portrays himself as such while selling books on his tour. Considering that he made out with a stranger even though, as Jane pointed out, he hadn't even been away for that long, that part of him clearly hasn't gone away. But even though he has a self-destructive tendency when it comes to monogamy, Ryan really cares for Jane. The fact that he told her at all shows that he wants to be honest with her and work through things. Jane seemingly doesn't feel the same way, and that's understandable. She has a very traditional approach to dating, and she chose Ryan over Dr. Ben because she really cared about him. It must be devastating to hear that he so flippantly kissed someone else just because he was drunk.

Jane isn't likely to just forgive Ryan, nor should she be expected to. In her mind, it seems like the relationship is over. But expect Ryan to keep fighting, especially based on the synopsis for the final episode. It says, "Jane deals with an emotional fallout amidst a career high." The career high is likely the response to her Pamela Dolan piece, and the emotional fallout is likely her breakup/Ryan's attempt to not make it a breakup.

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Jane's relationship had been pretty steady for most of Season 3. It was only a matter of time before the writers decided to shake things up. In Season 2, Sutton had issues with Richard that have since worked themselves out. Season 3 was mostly about Kat's romantic struggles. The newly announced Season 4 seems poised to be about Jane's love life now.

It's quite possible that Ryan and Jane will get back together in the long run, but it seems likely that she'll end things for now. She's hurt and upset, and Ryan needs to earn her love back. That's gonna take more than one episode.