Where Is The Jannah Spin-Off We Deserve?

by Danielle Burgos

Spoilers ahead for The Rise of Skywalker. The bow-shooting, plains-riding Jannah is one of the standout new characters introduced in The Rise of Skywalker. First seen on a space horse galloping towards the crashed Millennium Falcon, she quickly becomes involved in Rey, Finn, and Poe's Resistance mission. With this film being the last in its cycle, will Jannah get a spin-off from The Rise of Skywalker? Or will she remain one of the many minor characters who live on in other Star Wars works?

With strong convictions and deadly aim, Jannah's lo-fi ways actually work against the bloated, massive Empire armada. Like Finn, she was also forced into Stormtrooper life, throwing her weapon down when asked to fire on innocent civilians. She and the rest of her tribe are the remainder of their Stormtrooper unit, who escaped to an ocean moon and are keen to stop the Empire any way they can. When the Millennium crew shows up, it's their chance. Jannah is also the Islamic name for the heavenly garden that's the final abode of the righteous, a fitting name for a young woman living amid nature who's willing to stand up against evil.

While there are at least two more Star Wars-related trilogies planned, including Rian Johnson's and MCU mastermind Kevin Feige's, and an Obi-Wan TV series in the works, there aren't any specific plans for Jannah to get her own starring vehicle at the moment. Then again, with Johnson and Feige being excruciatingly vague about any details for their trilogies, anyone could really be the focus. Even if plans were in the works, Disney is notoriously tight-lipped about information — the Rise of Skywalker script leak was a rare occurrence unlikely to happen again, meaning fans will have to wait for scraps of information once everything planned is officially in place.

While Jannah is a new character whose story could easily end with The Rise of Skywalker, even with just that alone, her story is already tied to deeper Star Wars mythology. What fans long suspected turns out just might be true, or at least an insane coincidence: it's implied that Jannah is Lando Calrissian's daughter. The rumors first centered on Jannah's predilection for capes, yellow, and blue — all Lando looks from previous films.

But with Rise's release, it's more explicitly hinted at. Earlier in Rise, Lando laments to Finn that his daughter was kidnapped by the Empire. "She could be a Stormtrooper for all I know now," he sighs. Jannah tells Finn she was kidnapped as a child. In the joyous aftermath of the final battle against the Empire, Lando offers to give Jannah a ride home. Turns out, they're both headed to the same quadrant — the two look at each other for a beat and smile. While nothing is said, plenty is implied.

Even if Jannah doesn't helm her own movie, the Star Wars universe is rich with comics, books, cartoons, and potentially more TV shows beyond those planned, all fleshing out and building on the universe George Lucas first envisioned. Jannah is already a part of Star Wars history — whether or not she becomes a larger part of its future remains to be seen.