Jeremy & Anna Should Date On 'The Mindy Project'

Vivian Zink/Universal Television

Ben and Mindy's relationship avoided another potentially rocky place this week on The Mindy Project. Ben caught wise to his ex-wife's attempts to win him back with Jody's help, and even though Mindy was a little bit irrational in the episode, they ended things on a good note. Meanwhile, a new potential relationship caught my eye. Will Jeremy and Anna get together on The Mindy Project? They could make for quite the entertaining odd couple.

Early in the episode, Anna confided some marital suspicions to Jeremy — suspicions that were quickly confirmed by Tamra. Anna's relationship status was established and then dissolved pretty fast for a TV show, but I think that's sometimes realistic about your coworkers. You might not know anything about their personal lives until it all blows up. Anna went to crash in Jeremy's guest room rather than confront her cheating husband — but misread the vibe as "BBC and chill" when she tried to kiss him. He rejected the hookup, as he is technically her supervisor, and an embarrassed Anna left to either sleep on someone else's couch or find a 24 hour gym. Presuming that Anna is headed towards a divorce, I think this romantic tension should be revisited on The Mindy Project.

Jeremy's character has changed a bit since the show's pilot, in which he was portrayed the caddish Hugh Grant type to Danny's grumpy Colin Firth. These days, he's more of a fob — obsessing over the theatre and papier-mâché. Now, he's not so much a ladies man, and most of his relationships have kind of floundered.

Maybe Anna could change that. I like this relationship! They have an "opposites attract" thing going on that twists gender roles a little bit. She's a bit more stoic and traditionally masculine than he is. I think they might be good for each other, and Jeremy hasn't had a romantic subplot like this in quite some time.

Vivian Zink/Universal Television

I also liked how Mindy checked in with Anna at the end of the episode. It was a nice moment between the two female doctors in the office. It also lead to Mindy suggesting that Anna move in with her. That will be interesting, to say the least. Add that to her budding romance with Jeremy, and according to a promo possibly Jody as well (not another love triangle, please) and The Mindy Project is heating up yet again.