Kate & Toby Could Be Over On 'This Is Us'

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

God, Kate. Can’t you keep it together for like, ten seconds instead of making a rash decision? Kate is at her “fat camp” on This Is Us, and instead of being happy that Toby came to visit her, it looks like she’s being drawn closer to ranch hand Duke (that’s his name – not me making up a name for a ranch hand). Will Kate cheat on Toby on This Is Us?

Duke has expressed his interest in Kate since day one of her being at camp, but that doesn’t mean she has to act on it, okay? Toby came to visit her, and he brought gifts! Four months of Entertainment Weekly! Her favorite body wash! And then Duke found out that Toby was Kate’s fiancé, and he had a snide remark of “Well, this is awkward!” and well, Duke made it awkward. Because he’s a jerk. That’s not to say that Toby is 100 percent supportive of Kate, though, because after that happened, Toby opted for a day pass to the ranch to check up on his lady. Toby likes to joke around, and Kate is taking her camp experience seriously, so when he was goofing off during their pounding drumming class (which I would love to try, but the way), she was annoyed. After an anti-pep talk from Duke in which Duke told Kate to just be who she is and stop trying to be a good person, previews for upcoming episodes show Kate showing up at Duke’s cabin door (which he gave her during that talk). She better not. I can’t even form words. She just better not.

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

Kate’s extremely low self-esteem has given her the feeling that she doesn’t deserve to be happy, and she keeps sabotaging herself. She’s broken up with Toby like ten times when all he’s done is love her. And yeah, he can be a little overbearing, but Toby loves Kate more than anything. Kate needs to recognize what she has before it’s too late (and please, please, please, don’t go near Duke).