This Potential 'Killjoys' Crossover Would Make Sci-Fi Fans Extremely Happy

Christos Kalohoridis/Killjoys III Productions Limited/Syfy

Genre shows often seem doomed if they can't find a crossover audience, but that isn't the case for Killjoys. The SyFy series has kept chugging along for three years, with its third season finale airing Sept. 1. Will Killjoys be renewed for Season 4? There has been no announcement about the future of the space adventure yet, but don't panic just yet.

UPDATE: Syfy announced that Killjoys Season 4 will premiere on July 20, 2018.

EARLIER: All previous seasons have premiered in the middle of summer, so if Killjoys does return for Season 4, expect it around June or early July of 2018. That also means that it could be months before SyFy makes a decision in order to get the show into production with enough time to spare. To use a recent example, Season 3 was announced Sept. 1 2016, per Variety, just prior to the Season 2 finale — but that doesn't mean that no news is bad news. There's still plenty of time for a decision to be made and released.

If the show is renewed, there could be exciting Killjoys crossover potential with another SyFy series. In an interview with Den of Geek, showrunner Michelle Lovretta said that that she is friendly with a Dark Matter executive producer, but that they have tossed around the idea of combining their worlds before. "I think that’s really contingent upon us first of all getting season 4 renewals," she said, "both of us. Then if we both get Season 4s, it then comes down to scheduling. If we were able to figure out enough in advance where we could have a credible crossover, I would totally be doing that, yeah.”

She's optimistic, and notes that the ratings have been rising in the same interview. Fan fervor and word of mouth will certainly do that!

So that crossover is definitely something to look forward to, or at least dream about while fans wait for news. Until then, focus on that Season 3 finale, the title of which is "Wargasm," for goodness' sake. Other than another season and an epic sci-fi crossover, who could ask for anything more?