Here's A Key Detail About Kylie Cosmetics At Ulta You Might Have Missed

Late last week, some seriously massive makeup news dropped. Kylie Jenner confirmed via Twitter that Kylie Cosmetics would be sold at Ulta locations this holiday season. The brand being sold at a brick and mortar retailer is a big — make that huge, actually — deal because it finally offers customers the opportunity "to try before you buy." No more taking a chance on a Lip Kit color or a concealer and hoping it looks good with your warm or cool undertones! Not being able to take shades and formulas for a test drive could very well be the road block that prevented some curious customers from taking the plunge and making a purchase.

While neither the brand nor the retailer has yet to reveal if the partnership is permanent or a short-term arrangement designed for the holiday season only, there is a key detail you may have missed. Don't worry — it's even more good news.

Ulta re-shared Jenner's original tweet on its Instagram feed. In the caption, the makeup mecca confirmed that Kylie Cosmetics products will be sold both in stores and online.

So while many shoppers, beautyistas, and Kyliephiles are beyond stoked about the chance to play with and swatch the products IRL, Ulta and Kylie Cosmetics are also offering an online shopping option.

Here it is in black and white. Jenner's tweet specifically mentioned locations. Ulta's 'Gram called attention stores and its website. Longtime Kylie Cosmetics customers who are already familiar with the products and those who simply prefer to shop digitally are included in this mammoth decision.

This tweet pretty much says it all. Being able to experience the products for yourself before committing cash is a major deal for many.

This Will Ferrell meme captures all of the feels about this news and regarding the season.

Neither side has confirmed which products will be available via Ulta this holiday season, either. Could it simply be that Ulta wills serve as exclusive retailer for the brand's annual holiday collection, which is always epic and expansive AF? Will this partnership include all shades of the brand's cornerstone, hero product — the Kylie Lip Kit? Will Ulta shelves, both physical and digital, be lined with the entire Kylie Cosmetics repertoire?

We will have to wait and see until these two beauty biz powerhouses reveal more details about this strategic partnership. While Kylie Cosmetics has launched pop-up shops in the past, those were regional and temporary. Since Ulta locations are everywhere, the brand will now be accessible as it has ever been!

At the end of the day, all that really matters is that Kylie Cosmetics and Ulta are teaming up. They are offering all makeup lovers a chance to experience the brand in real time and during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Oh, and another awesome thing to think about? When you shop for Kylie Cosmetics products at Ulta, you should be able to enjoy the benefits of the retailer's loyalty and rewards program. It's yet another reason that Ulta is quickly becoming the go-to, one-stop shop for beauty lovers.