Will Kylie Cosmetics Poppin' Gloss Be Restocked?

As you probably already know, everything Kylie Jenner touches sells out pretty much instantly. Her lip kits are always famously out of stock, and some — more limited edition — shades seem to disappear completely. This might be true for the Kylie Cosmetics Poppin' gloss, which may or may not be restocked.

The pretty shade was part of her Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Edition Collection, which was available last summer leading up the makeup mogul's 19th birthday. It included a metal matte shade called Lord, and a Kylie Gloss called Poppin'.

If you check out the Kylie Cosmetics website, it's clear that Poppin' is nowhere to be found. And neither are any other products from last year's Birthday Collection. In fact, each shade sold out in record speed as Jenner's bday approached. They were restocked a few times, but (of course) sold out quickly.

It's not likely we'll see any of them again. As beauty writers Hannah Orenstein and Kelsey Stiegman said on Seventeen, "she's retiring [the collection] for good on her 19th birthday (August 10)." Sad news, indeed.

The gold gloss made an appearance around the winter holidays as part of a free giveaway.

But now it seems to be gone again. Sigh. It really was a pretty shade.

We may see it again in the future (perhaps as part of another online giveaway?). But for now, don't get your hopes up for a restock.

Image: Kylie Cosmetics/Instagram