Fans Are Going Nuts Waiting For Kylie Jenner To Confirm Her Rumored Pregnancy

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Monday, Dec. 25 is Christmas Day and those who celebrate are gathering together to spend time with their loved ones. And if you're a Kylie Jenner fan, you're also eagerly awaiting a certain announcement. Fans are waiting to see if Kylie Jenner will announce her pregnancy on Christmas Day and the tweets are all of us. Even self-professed non-fans of the model and makeup mogul are tweeting about how they just really want to know if Kylie is going to confirm her rumored pregnancy on Monday.

Many fans speculated that Kylie's absence from 24 days of the 25-day long Kardashian Christmas Card photos reveal (so far) indicated that the model and makeup mogul would be featured in Day 25. Well, it's 11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET and there's no sign of a Day 25 photo posted on any of the Kardashian social media accounts, whether or not it features a big announcement from Kylie. Even though it's Christmas Day, anticipation has reached a fever pitch among fans, who seem to be taking all precautions: turning on Instagram post notifications, refreshing Instagram anyway, and obsessively checking Snapchat.

In the meantime, here are some of the most real tweets from people who have opened their presents, turned on their post notifications, and are just waiting it out until an announcement is made somewhere on Kardashian social media.

Low-Key Obsessing

We just need to know.

Let's Go

Kylie could be the center of the Day 25 card, but it's still unknown right now.

Christmas Wish

Many people are ready to be so happy about the long-awaited announcement.

Post Notifications

It's an announcement no one wants to miss.

It's Not Christmas Yet

Forget what the calendar says — for some, it'll be Christmas once the big announcement potentially drops.

Great Expectations

Some folks don't think it'll be a pregnancy announcement, but a birth announcement.

Tracking Pacific Time

Some fans are even keeping track of the Kardashian's LA time zone.

In Trouble With Mom

Mom isn't happy about the wait either.

Even Germany Is Waiting

That translates to "Is Kylie Jenner now pregnant or what?"

Once Every Hour

Sometimes you just need to check it yourself rather than rely on post notifications.

Don't Judge

No, it's definitely not just you. We're all here, too.

So Invested

When you're invested, you have to see it through to the end, right?

Why On Earth

Time keeps marching forward on Christmas Day and there's no sign of Kylie Jenner's announcement...yet.

France Wants To Know, Too

The mystery has gone international.

Move On With Our Lives

And then we can talk more about other things, like baby names and due dates.


This fan is buzzing to find out about Kylie Jenner.

Family, A Cheese Board, & Instagram

All the best things on Christmas...all this fan needs is some new Kardashian news to make it complete.

Break The Internet

This fan is awaiting the inevitable. If and when Kylie's rumored pregnancy is announced, many fans will be rejoicing at the potential reveal.

So far this Christmas, it's all quiet on the Kardashian social media front, but there's still time for a holiday miracle of Kardashian Christmas Card proportions. We'll just have to wait it out.