Fans Are Wondering If Kylie Jenner Will Be In The Final Kardashian Christmas Card

Ethan Miller/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian has been revealing the 2017 Kardashian holiday card piece by piece, advent calendar-style, every day for the past month. Aside from a few appearances from Kourtney, Kendall, Kanye, Kris, Khloe, and Kim herself, fans have seen the children of the Kardashian-Jenner clan become the focus of this year's cards. But, on Day 24 of the family's 25-day countdown, one question that remains on fans' minds is whether or not Kylie will appear in the final 2017 Kardashian Christmas card.

Kim took to Instagram on Sunday morning to share the 24th photo of the series which features all the women in the family. Well, everyone except for Kylie. And, not surprisingly, Kylie's absence has left people feeling just a little confused. Most fans are asking the same, more obvious question: where's Kylie and why hasn't she been included in any of the holiday cards this year? And then there are those who are reading a little further into the situation and are convinced that, if the makeup mogul is at least included in the final Christmas card, this could be how the family will finally confirm her rumored pregnancy.

So many questions, so little answers. But, at this point, that's something that's to be expected since the Kardashians have become masters at keeping secrets and waiting for just the right moment to reveal big news.

Kim Kardashian began posting the family portraits earlier this month, announcing the photos in a tweet that said, "25 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS BY @ELIRUSSELLLINNETZ STARTING TODAY." Fans originally believed that the reality star would be posting fragments of the card that could later be pieced together to possibly reveal something bigger. The "25 Days of Christmas" theme was essentially believed to be some sort of a puzzle at first, but Kim went ahead and cleared the air over the weekend, tweeting that the photos she's been sharing aren't teasers, they're actually all separate holiday cards.

Considering the way they've gone about releasing the holiday cards this year, it's easy to think that we should expect a huge reveal from the final one. Most of the photos Kim has posted thus far are small group shots, and the photo posted on Christmas Eve is one of very few that actually features majority of the family. There's been very few big group shots and, though it'd be great to see Kylie finally pop up in a photo tomorrow, it's kind of hard to believe at this point that the 20-year-old would've chosen to sit out for every picture except for the final one. It's even harder to believe that the Kardashians would use the Christmas card to make any sort of statement about her rumored pregnancy since so many people are expecting it now. Fans never really know what to expect from the Kardashians nowadays and, for all we know, they could once again be one step ahead of us all.

Until recently, fans also speculated that the holiday cards would be used to confirm Khloe's pregnancy as well. But Khloe confirmed that news herself last week via a heartfelt post on Instagram explaining that her reasoning for keeping it under wraps for so long had more to do with wanting to enjoy the news of her pregnancy in private, which is understandable. If Kylie is indeed pregnant, there's still a chance that she could just be waiting to reveal the news on her own terms just like Khloe. And, if that's the case, then the final Christmas card might not leave fans with the answers they're hoping to get.

Kylie has kept fans guessing about the issue for months now, and if she were to finally make some sort of statement about it tomorrow, well, it'd be a Christmas miracle.