Everything You Need To Know About Netflix New, Weird Animated Series


Love, Death, & Robots' title tells you most of what you need to know about the premise of this new Netflix series about, well, robots, death, and probably love. But, will Love, Death, & Robots return for Season 2 or will this show only stick around for a few episodes? There’s no word from Netflix yet, but hopefully the network will give an official update after clocking fans’ responses to the first episodes.

Per IGN, Love, Death, & Robots is actually not a chronological series, but rather a compilation of 18 animated shorts packed with a mix of weird, dark, hopeful, explicit, and comedic themes. None of the shorts are related to each other and run for less than 20 minutes long, which makes it an easy binge for anyone who wants to devour an animated series. It’s not clear if the shorts will feature the same characters and robots or if they will all include new faces but the show’s official trailer gives a glimpse into its animation style as well as a few human faces among the action.

It has a very Adult Swim type of vibe with animated characters running and jumping into some violent interactions. Interestingly, no one speaks in the trailer so it’s hard to get a feel for any of the upcoming storylines nor the characters. Basically, it's a smorgasbord of random clips that will probably leave more people confused about whether they want to tune in. A more explicit trailer is also available with more scenes of overt violence, nudity, and ample bloodshed, so this series is definitely NSFW nor children.

The lack of overall concept was initially a hurdle for Love, Death, & Robots executive producers David Fincher and Tim Miller who, according to Yahoo!, went through several rejections before getting the green light from Netflix. The duo premiered six of the shorts at SXSW and Fincher revealed that he wants to get rid of the standard TV show time format of 22-48 minutes because its often not necessary to tell a complete story. "You want the story to be as long as it needs to be to be at maximum impact or entertainment value proposition," said Fincher. Animated shorts are a part of preview experiences at the movies now, so it makes sense for Netflix to jump on board with this concept.

If Love, Death, & Robots returns for a second season, then it will likely follow another set of characters through various storylines. The creators probably wouldn't want to stick with just one overarching theme so they can continue to explore a wide variety of adventures. But, if this season is the end, at least fans won't have to worry about being left with a unresolved cliffhanger that will never have a conclusion.

There's certainly an audience out there for grotesque material, so perhaps that will be enough to convince Netflix to bring this series back for more action. Until then, check out Love, Death, & Robots when it drops on March 15.