This New Animated Series About Raunchy Cops Makes 'Super Troopers' Look Tame


This police department makes the Super Troopers team look modest and competent. Netflix’s Paradise PD, premiering on August 31, is a raunchy animated series about a struggling small-town police force full of terrible cops. Per IGN, the show was created by Waco O'Guin and Roger Black, who are the team behind the now-defunct series (and deranged) park ranger series Brickleberry. So, it seems like Paradise PD is definitely for people who love the inexplicably crude and strange late-night offerings of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming. But, will Paradise PD return for Season 2? The response to Season 1 hasn’t been revealed yet, so it is too early to tell if there will be more wild adventures for this inept police team.

Update: On October 30, 2018, Netflix announced that it had renewed Paradise PD for a second season, according to The Hollywood Reporter. No premiere date has been set.

Netflix released an official Paradise PD trailer and it really sets the tone for what to expect with a scrolling list of people that will probably be offended by the series. The clip is packed full of dirty jokes, cursing, and includes some sexually suggestive material. The trailer follows Kevin Crawford (voiced by David Herman), a rookie who followed in his police chief father Randall (voiced by Tom Kenny) footsteps by joining the local force. It’s a job that nobody wants anymore and his mother Karen (voiced by Grey Griffin) jokes that Kevin was the only cop that the town could afford.


Chief Crawford tasks the team with catching the person behind a drug called “argyle meth.” Kevin is determined to crack the case and impress his father so he goes full steam ahead on the case. Oh, and there’s also butts clapping, Gerald the Token Black Officer (voiced by Cedric Yarbrough), and a drug-addicted, talking dog named Bullet (Kyle Kinane) who works for the department. There’s actually a Paradise Police Department located in Paradise, CA but this show (thankfully) has nothing to do with this real-life team. The trailer totally proves why this team is described as the "worst responders."

Warning: This trailer contains material that may be offensive to some viewers.

Paradise PD voice actors Tom Kenny and Dana Snyder (Stanley Hopson and Dusty Marlow) did a lively interview with each other for Gamespot One-on-One at RTX Austin and talked a bit further about their latest project. Kenny said the show is a mix of The Wire, Mayberry, and Animal House and Snyder joked that anyone who doesn’t watch Paradise PD is a fake fan of animated series.

Kenny also revealed that Kevin and Randall have a conflicted relationship on the show because of a shooting incident in the house that involved a bullet hitting below the belt. The clip also featured more predictably violent and NSFW clips from the show. Yep, Paradise PD is going to be a messy ride from beginning to end.

The response to Paradise PD Season 1 has yet to be determined, but there is definitely an audience for this type of TV show who don’t mind laughing at a string of vulgar jokes. The reactions and viewership will determine if the show returns for Season 2 to keep the adult-only humor going in a department that is anything but paradise.