There Are Some Pretty Major Clues That ‘Marcella’ Will Get At Least One More Season

by Genevieve Van Voorhis

London-based crime series Marcella just finished its latest run on ITV, which means it'll be heading to Netflix very shortly. You'll be able to stream Marcella Season 2 on Netflix starting on June 8, to to be exact. The series, which comes from Swedish creator Hans Rosenfeldt, centers around main character Detective Marcella Backland (played by Anna Friel). Season 2 saw Marcella investigating a gruesome case of mysterious child murders. But where will she go from here? Will Marcella even get a Season 3? Neither ITV nor Netflix have officially confirmed anything yet, but there are some clues that indicate that new episodes are probably on its way.

Actor Ray Panthaki, who plays Rav, the lead detective on Marcella's team, hopped on Twitter after the Season 2 finale and started answering questions for a few fans. On April 10, he confirmed that Marcella Season 3 hasn't been ordered yet. Since then, there hasn't been any news to the contrary.

However, back in May 2016, leading lady Anna Friel told Digital Spy that she had already signed on for three seasons in total. "I've had to sign for three [seasons]," Friel said. "But I need a break — it's been quite challenging emotionally!" While a talent contract doesn't necessarily mean that the network will order the same amount of seasons, it sounds like a Season 3 could be on its way. And if it is, Friel will most likely still be involved.

Marcella Season 1 premiered on April 4, 2016 on ITV and Season 2 didn't come out until almost two years later, on Feb. 18, 2018, so Friel mostly likely did get at least some break after Season 1. And if the show continues to follow the same pattern, it'll be at least another two years before Marcella Season 3 finally hits the air in the U.K., and even longer before you'll get to watch it on Netflix.

After the Season 2 finale on April 9, Friel also took to Twitter to answer questions about the show. When one fan asked whether Season 3 would come to pass, Friel answered with the vague but also pretty apt response: "Depends on how many of you want it back xxx."

Presumably, Friel is referring to the viewer numbers and associated ratings for the series. Telly.co.uk reports that over the course of Season 2, Marcella averaged 3.3 million viewers per episode. That's down substantially from the series premiere back in 2016, which The Guardian notes that the series boasted over 6 million viewers. These numbers only count live viewers of ITV, though, so they likely change once Marcella gets to Netflix. But unfortunately, Netflix doesn't publish those numbers, so it's tough to say how many more viewers tuned in to Marcella once it was streaming.

For his part, Nicholas Pinnock, who plays Marcella's ex-husband Jason, seems eager for Season 3 to get the green light. He retweeted one fan's desperate plea for ITV to lock in Season 3 ASAP, declaring how the next installment of the show is "Very Much Needed."

In his forward to the ITV press release for Season 2, writer and creator Hans Rosenfeldt wrote, "The only reason to make another series [season] of something," he wrote, "is that you think you can do it better than the last time. I can honestly say that Marcella 2 is better than series one. I think so, anyway." It's a tall order to live up to, but at least you can rest assured that if Rosenfeldt and the rest of the team behind Marcella do decide to move forward with another season, they'll at least be committed to maintaining the same level of drama, suspense, and tension that fans have come to expect.