'MAFS' Is Already Casting For Season 9 — If You're Brave Enough To Sign Up


After eight seasons, the majority of couples who have appeared on Lifetime's Married At First Sight have ended their relationships in divorce. The Season 8 reunion, airing April 9, may bring some more hopeful updates, but this season has thus far brought tears, arguments, hard-to-watch comments — and, yes, more divorces. So if there is a MAFS Season 9, fingers crossed that it goes a lot smoother.

Lifetime has not yet officially announced a renewal for the series. However, a March 12 announcement on the show's casting page revealed that casting was being conducted in Washington D.C., which could mean they're looking for another set of strangers to get married on the day they meet. "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!" the Facebook status reads. "Married At First Sight is NOW CASTING in D.C. - if you're single, brave, and ready to take the ultimate leap of faith, apply today." The application is a 60-plus item questionnaire that asks everything from "What type of smoker are you?" to "What religions are you comfortable with being matched with?" The casting post also mentioned that individuals can be nominated by their friends and family. Hopefully, consent is given for that kind of nom, because MAFS isn't necessarily a surprise that everyone would welcome.

As they are on every season, the Season 8 couples were matched by the show's compatibility experts, Pastor Calvin Robinson, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin. By the Season 8 finale, the couples had spent eight weeks together, and two couples — Will and Jasmine and Luke and Kate — decided to end their marriages.

In Luke and Kate's case, in particular, it wasn't much of a surprise, as the two had endured a tumultuous first few weeks together onscreen. Luke lashed out at Kate after marrying her, saying things like kissing her made him feel "repulsed" and "dead inside." He also accused her of having a drinking problem.

During the April 2 decision day episode, Kate said that she had feelings for Luke, but knew that "sometimes feelings aren’t enough." And when Dr. Schwartz asked Luke what he liked about Kate, he said he found it "attractive" that she knows him well. Kate looked upset, knowing that Luke wasn't physically attracted to her, and Luke didn't have much further comment than that. Ultimately, they decided to split, and in a rare move for the show, even the experts agreed it was the right move. They concluded the two's relationship had been ruined by their lack of communication.

Since that episode aired, a number of rumors have surfaced about Luke and why he was on the show. During a promo, host Kevin Frazier asks if Luke only signed up for MAFS to be on TV, and not to find love. Of course, the clip cuts off before anyone has a chance to answer, but all will be revealed during the emotion-filled reunion that airs on Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime. And more than likely, they'll be more drama to come with an MAFS Season 9.