Here's When To Expect The Next Season Of 'Masterchef'


Here's how it goes for most television viewers. Step one: watch a cooking competition show. Step two: become inspired to construct something tasty and beautiful. Step three: fail to pursue said inspiration, and instead, click "Next Episode." Raise your hand if you can relate While you might be able to, the contestants featured on Masterchef probably can't. Why? Because they put down the proverbial remote and stepped into the kitchen — again and again — until they found themselves stepping on set. Nothing inspires foodies to whip up a Gordon Ramsey-worthy meal like watching those excitedly bewildered contestants improvise through his kitchen — which is why the show has lasted so long on air. Although its renewal hasn't been officially announced by FOX, there are some pretty solid clues that Masterchef will return for Season 10.

A premiere date isn't on the books just yet, but Gordon and his crew are currently on the hunt for their next roster of amateur chefs who will be cooking for the grand prize. That's right, casting for Season 10 of Masterchef is already underway. According to the official casting website for the show, the open calls tour began on Sept. 8 in Minneapolis, then moved to Atlanta and Boston on Sept. 15. If you missed out on those, not to worry, because they're on their way to New York and Chicago on Sept. 22, as well as Dallas and Las Angeles on September 29.

Can I offer a pro-tip? If you plan to show off your chef-worthy skills in person, the website strongly recommends pre-registering online, printing off the casting application, completing it, and arriving with it in hand at the audition. Lastly, you have to bring a dish that is prepped and ready to present to the judges on site. The casting page says contenders have three minutes to plate and present their work, but no kitchen utensils, warming devices, or additional prep time are allotted.

If you are unable to attend an open call (which is the network's preferred choice), but still want to be considered for Masterchef Season 10, you have the option to submit an audition video, for which there are very specific instructions. Those include the preference for a video introduction, a house tour, shots of other activities you enjoy besides cooking, and of course, the preparation and delivery of your signature dish. To top it off, video applications are accepted by snail mail only, and the submitted materials are not to be returned to their respective applicants. And you thought The Bachelor audition process was intense.

There are also a few baseline qualifications applicants must meet before they're considered for a spot on stage. For starters, you have to be 18 years of age (for Season 10, by January 4, 2019). You also must be a citizen of the United States, and you cannot currently work as a professional chef or preparer of food of any kind, nor can you have done so in the past. You also probably shouldn't be one of the hundreds of people whose dishes Ramsay himself has roasted to pieces over Twitter. Chances are, if he didn't like a picture of your dish on social media, you don't have the greatest chance of winning the title of Masterchef. But you're welcome to give it a shot.