Meredith's Job Is In Trouble On 'Grey's'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Meredith Grey is currently suspended from Grey Sloan (which is funny, because the hospital bears her name and she’s part owner), and from the looks of previews on upcoming episodes, she may not get her Chief position back so early. Meredith and Miranda Bailey are at odds – will Meredith get her job back on Grey’s Anatomy?

If you missed an episode or two, Bailey suspended Meredith because she was insubordinate. Right now, Grey Sloan has two factions – those that support Richard Webber as the head of teaching at the hospital, and those who don’t. Dr. Eliza Minnick, a sort of consultant-for-hire for teaching hospitals, is trying to reform the Grey Sloan program (with backup from Bailey and Catherine Avery, which gets complicated because the latter is Webber’s wife), which I’m sure the doctors would support in theory, but not when it means ousting their favored mentor out onto the proverbial street. Meredith wouldn’t let Minnick scrub in, and so Bailey suspended Meredith and made April Chief instead. So what happens now? It seems like Bailey and Meredith are really going to duke it out here, and that’s bound to get complicated. If Webber was Bailey’s mentor, I think we can say that Bailey is Meredith’s mentor. Bailey is really reaching here, and I think she’s going to burn more bridges than she intends.

That being said, I think Bailey is genuinely trying to make things better at Grey Sloan, but she’s going about it the wrong way. She’s sneaking behind people’s backs and alienating her whole staff, which so far has not served her well. I think that Bailey will make Meredith beg a little, but ultimately, she’ll give Meredith her job back – it would be treason at Grey Sloan to do anything else.