Will Meredith & Riggs Break Up On 'Grey's Anatomy'? Megan's Return Signals The Beginning Of The End

Richard Cartwright/ABC

At this rate, Meredith Grey will never get over Derek, because there is just no one who can sweep her off her feet. I thought for a minute that it was going to be Nathan Riggs who would eventually break her — he is very emotionally damaged, she is very emotionally damaged, and they could be emotionally damaged together! But now things have changed! Will Meredith and Riggs break up on Grey’s Anatomy?

Meredith was cleaning out her bedroom of Derek’s things and having Nathan meet the kids when the news breaks — Riggs’ wife, Megan (she is also Hunt’s sister), who was presumed dead, has been found alive after years of being missing. Meredith and Riggs have bonded over the losses they’ve shared in their respective lives, so this is a big deal. Meredith, to her credit, is more emotionally stable than I think we’ve ever seen her — she breaks the news to Riggs gently, and his face is some of the best acting on the show all season. He’s simultaneously shocked and happy and sad and then joyous. Riggs hugs Meredith, the two celebrate, and then he jumps in his truck to find his wife, whom I’m sure he’s never stopped loving. It was all very adult and mature and I’m proud of Meredith.


So what does this mean for the fledgling couple? Well, they’re not going to be together anymore. Meredith knows enough to know that Riggs will want to be with his wife, which is completely fair, and they’ll have a lot of talking and growing and learning to do. The best thing that Meredith can do is step aside here and let Riggs live this journey with Megan. Maybe now that Meredith is sacrificing a bit of herself, she’ll get her real true love down the path soon.