Meredith & Riggs' 'Grey's' Date Is On Hold

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Meredith has decided that she can maybe, sort of move on from Derek, and the universe just won’t let it happen. Come on! Just let her go out with Riggs, world! And by world, I mean Shonda Rhimes! Meredith and Riggs finally made a date to go out to dinner, and everything keeps getting in the way. Will Meredith and Riggs ever go out on Grey’s Anatomy?

This date is a long time coming, too. Riggs and Meredith hooked up last season, but then Meredith squashed it because Maggie had a crush on him. That’s fair, but mostly I think it was Meredith not wanting to trample all over Derek’s memory. In any case, they finally made a date, and now Maggie’s mother has passed away and totally blocked the next plans for a date. Now, I’m not a callous person — Maggie’s mother’s death is totally a “drop everything” moment for Meredith — but man! I was hoping they could at least get an ice cream cone sometime before 2020. Meredith and Riggs are really good for each other. They both understand trauma, and that goes a long way. Meredith and Riggs have lost people they loved, and that comes with baggage. A relatively happy person wouldn’t be able to deal with the trunk that Meredith has, but Riggs? He’s got bits and pieces.

I’m starting to wonder if Shonda Rhimes just can’t let Meredith be happy, even though I would get why. Happy characters don’t create interesting television. There’s no drama! No conflict! No nothing! But maybe we can give Meredith and Riggs like, five episodes of sexy-filled bliss before we blow it all to crap. Make Jo and Karev wildly unhappy! Meredith and Riggs better get their shot soon, because I can’t take mopey Meredith for that long.