Why Mindy & Danny Don't Need To Get Back Together On 'The Mindy Project'

Jordin Althaus/Hulu

Mindy Lahiri isn't the only one whose marriage is ending on The Mindy Project. At the end of Tuesday's episode, her lawyer let slip that Danny Castellano is getting divorced as well. Does this mean Mindy and Danny are getting back together on The Mindy Project? That does seem to be where the final season is heading, but a traditional "happy ending" may not be the goal here.

In Season 5, Danny got married very quickly to Sarah, a coworker at his new practice played by Greta Gerwig. He had doubts, but went through with it anyway, so this development is not all that surprising. This is actually his second divorce, having been previously married to Christina, played by Greta Gerwig's rightful indie film predecessor, Chlöe Sevigny.

When Cliff mentioned Danny's divorce, Mindy certainly perked up. That could mean that she's interested in trying to reconcile their relationship and get back together — but it could just as easily mean that she feels validated in her life path. It's always good to hear that your ex isn't necessarily doing better than you.

He also wasn't that into marriage at one point in the series. That's why Danny and Mindy never married, despite having a son together. They got engaged later on in their relationship. The final season of The Mindy Project seems to be exploring Mindy's obsession and disillusionment with the institution of marriage. Whether they get back together or not, it'll be interesting to see how Mindy and Danny's views have changed the next time they see each other.

If Mindy and Danny do get back together, it's going to require some big changes from both of them. Particularly for Danny, who wasn't willing to support Mindy in her career. While they still have feelings for each other, she gave up a Hamilton ticket for him, and they recently hooked up in an elevator when they were both either in or just coming off of other relationships, they broke up for a reason. Not only was he not cool with having a working mother for a wife, he tried to impregnate her without her consent.

That's not going to be easy to forgive. Then again, Danny went from a dream boy to both an Italian stereotype and The Worst in Season 4. That can easily turn itself back around.

In an interview with Variety, Ike Barinholtz said that the possibility is there, but he's not personally committed to any future for Danny and Mindy, smooching or not. He hinted at a staff wedding in the final season, but that could just as easily be between Jeremy and Anna or between Morgan and Tamra.

"Danny and Mindy’s relationship has evolved into one where they get along and they share this huge responsibility in taking care of Leo," he said, "but what I’ve been excited about when it comes to Danny and Mindy this season is seeing how far they’ve come. They were everything to each other, and then it all exploded. Now that the dust has settled, seeing where they’re at, it’s really interesting. Mindy and Danny are two people that are always somewhat in love with each other. They always will, whether they end up together or not. I think they might be 'The One' for each other, which is why it’s exciting to see them interacting, though they’re not currently in a relationship."

Chris Messina is set to appear in The Mindy Project this season, so there will be some kind of closure. Maybe they will end up together. Once upon a time, this was one of the most swoon-worthy 'ships on television. While it may be surprising to long time fans that a Danny/Mindy "endgame" may not be in store, it might actually be more satisfying if the only relationship they repair is one as friends and co-parents. In any case the only way to find out is to keep watching as they pick up the pieces of their divorces and see whether that leads them back to each other.