Keep An Eye Out For 'Mom' Season 5

Robert Voets/Warner Bros. Entertainment

It's that time of year. School is almost out for summer and your favorite shows are going on hiatus. Remember how you worried that your classmates might move before fall or that your best friend would be put in a different class next year? Now I worry that my favorite sitcoms may not return after summer break. Could the season finale be it? Fans of the CBS sitcom Mom are asking themselves that question after the May 11 season finale. Will Mom return for Season 5?

While there has been no official word yet about Mom Season 5, Deadline reported that CBS was "close" to renewing the sitcom. The article explained that a pickup for the CBS comedy should not be in doubt because "Mom has been a solid ratings performer, earns Emmy nominations, has a strong social message, and comes from The Big Bang Theory boss Chuck Lorre who has been the single most important comedy producer on CBS for the past decade." However, it's not a done deal yet, and anything could happen.

Still, while there has not been an announcement yet, it is a safe bet that Mom will return next season. Given the show's previous fall premiere dates, new episodes are probably only a few months away. But how are fans supposed to get through the summer without Allison Janney and Anna Faris as a complicated family unit? Here are 10 more shows about mothers and daughters to watch until Mom returns this fall. Call up your own mom and watch them with her!


'Gilmore Girls'

I'll let you finish, but Gilmore Girls is the best mother/daughter show of all time.


'Jane The Virgin'

Abuela, Xo, and Jane are not only a great example of three generations on television, but also an enviable girl group.


'Golden Girls'

Dorothy may have been all grown up, and then some, but she still needed her mom, Sophia.


'Switched At Birth'

Throughout its run, Swithched At Birth tackled several controversial themes from campus rape, to LGBT rights, to Black Lives Matter. But, some of the most impressive themes stemmed from the mother/daughter, sisterhood, and nature vs. nurture storylines.


'Modern Family'

While Claire's relationship with her daughters is aspirational, it's also nice to see a friendship between stepmother and stepdaughter in Gloria and Claire.


'Friday Night Lights'

Who knew a show about football could depict such a powerful mother/daughter relationship with Tami and Julie Taylor?



Again, Lauren Graham rocks as a TV mom. The show explores many mother/daughter dynamics in the series with a multi-generational cast.


'Bob's Burgers'

Only Linda could handle Tina's puberty and Louise's... eh, spirited personality.


'Downton Abbey'

A mom who carries a naked dead man's body out of your bedroom out of unconditional love is truly the best ever.


'Grace & Frankie'

While Grace & Frankie depicts older women living full lives, dating, starting businesses, and forming new friendships, the show also concentrates on the relationships between the women and their adult children — including Grace's two daughters.

Mom's fate is still to be determined, but plenty of mothers and daughters are sharing, loving, and fighting elsewhere on TV.