'13 Reasons Why' Star Timothy Granaderos Says Monty's Story Could Continue In Season 4

David Moir/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for 13 Reasons Why Season 3. He may be dead, but that doesn't mean Monty won't be in 13 Reasons Why Season 4. "We do tell stories in a flashback format," Timothy Granaderos, who plays Monty, recently told Bustle. "So there could be a chance to see Monty in Season 4."

Though Granaderos declined to confirm whether or not he'll be returning, it certainly wouldn't be a first for the show: Hannah Baker, Jeff Atkins, and Bryce Walker have all appeared in episodes following their deaths. And given how Monty's story ended, there's still a lot left to resolve.

In a wild, soapy twist you would be more likely to see in Riverdale or Pretty Little Liars, Bryce's murder was pinned on Monty, even though in actuality, he was killed by Alex and Jessica (the latter of whom was more of an accomplice). After Tyler reported Monty for assaulting him, he was arrested, then killed in jail. The Liberty High teens learned of his death just in time to concoct a story and frame Monty for Bryce's murder, thereby getting an innocent Clay off the hook with police and leaving Alex and Jessica in the clear.

This leaves plenty of gaps in Monty's story that could be filled in via flashback. For one thing, we didn't see Monty's death. "At the end of the day, [producers] decided it would be the best fit for off-camera," Granaderos explained, adding he thinks it was the right decision. "It would have been a nerve-wracking scene to shoot."

David Moir/Netflix

However, perhaps that will be re-visited in Season 4. Who killed him? Was it really a random act of violence, or is there more to the story? His death was almost too convenient, and the fact that word about Monty's death reached Liberty High so quickly is mega suspicious. Hopefully, Season 4 will bring a little more clarity to the situation.

On top of that, we only got a small glimpse into Monty's abusive home life and brief relationship with Winston outside of school. Season 4 could expand on that — not in a way that justifies his violence, bullying, or bigotry, but one that provides deeper insight into who he was beyond one of Bryce's lackeys. Particularly given TV's tendency to underutilize queer characters, it would be a shame for 13 Reasons Why to reveal that Monty is gay only to subsequently dispose of him. He's not a likable character, but neither was Bryce, who Season 3 heavily focused on through flashbacks. At this point, retelling the stories of dead characters is basically the show's M.O.

Between that and the many unanswered questions about what happened to Monty, this is probably not the last we've seen of him.

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Additional reporting by Shannon Carlin.