The Wildest ‘Mythbusters’ Experiments From This Season Show That It HAS To Come Back

Science Channel

Mythbusters is the same show it always was, even if the faces of it are different. The show's most recent season was the first not hosted by Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, who reigned over show's bonkers experiments for 13 years. Their departure marked the end of an era for the Discovery Channel classic. The show moved networks to Science Channel for a revivial, and brought on two new busters of myths, Jon Lung and Brian Louden, to continue determining where the truth lies. The popular science reality show has a new home and new hosts, but fans may wonder if that's enough to bring Mythbusters on Science Channel back for another season.

Science Channel has yet to announce if Mythbusters will be brought back for another season. If renewed, the next season of the show would be Mythbusters' 16th since its premiere in 2003. While many a myth has been busted in the show's 15-year run, the most recent season of Mythbusters shows that this program still has plenty of fuel in it.

Whether you're watching for the science, the personalities, or the explosions, there's still plenty of juice left in this series that could carry it through to another season. If these experiments from Lung and Louden's first season are any indication, the show still has plenty of long-standing myths to investigate.

"Airbag Disaster"

The new Mythbusters examined what happens when airbags come in collision with human legs. The myth states that someone involved in a low-speed car crash could suffer more injuries from the airbag than the crash if their legs are propped up on the dashboard. So the team re-created a car-crash scenario and discovered that an airbag could possibly crush someone's legs — but that doesn't mean that it could kill you.

"Delayed Causality"

In their debut, Lung and Louden tackled a common action movie trope. They call it "Delayed Causality," and it's used to describe the moment in a film where a character cuts through someone else with a sword so fast that the body remains still for a few moments before it falls apart. (See Darth Maul's death in Star Wars Episode I for perhaps the most obvious version of this, in which Darth Maul stays together for a few seconds before splitting in two at the waist.) To test this theory out, the two Mythbusters build a rocket-powered guillotine to cut off a simulated zombie head. A guillotine powered by rockets. It may be one of the most dangerous and absurd inventions ever to grace Mythbusters.

"Chimney Cannon"

Some myths seem meant to be busted, but that doesn't mean seeing the science to disprove it come together isn't fun. One of the new Mythbusters' tasks was to prove whether or not a criminal can be shot out of a chimney like a cannonball. The Mythbusters' attempt to re-create a setup that seems designed for cartoons may seem destined for failure, but as anyone familiar with Mythbusters knows, sometimes it's the most surprising myths that end up being the ones that work. Even if it doesn't work, there's still plenty of weird science and cool explosions to make it worth one's time.

With a lot of uncharted territory in the world of myths, the folks behind Mythbusters could presumably continue busting for many seasons more. While some of the people behind the show are new to the game, the spirit ives on through the new hosts' continued willingness to go above and beyond to answer a simple question. If, however, this is the last season of Mythbusters, the new hosts have done the long-running program justice by sticking to what has made the show work since the beginning.