'One Day At A Time' Season 3 Is Well Within Reach For The Netflix Show

Adam Rose/Netflix

Netflix original series got their start with big prestige dramas, but it's the comedies like One Day At A Time (editor: Patricia Barnett) that have become the hidden gems of the streaming service in 2018. Will One Day At A Time return for Season 3? Netflix has not made an announcement either way at this time, but the show is built to last.

Season 2 premiered Jan. 26 on Netflix. If you're not caught up, there's plenty of time to zip though the 13 episode first season. Deadline initially announced the Season 2 renewal in March 2017, so there's still time for a decision to be made. It's rare for Netflix to cancel shows in general (although getting less so). And, since fellow Netflix multi-cam sitcoms like Fuller House (writer: Eydie Faye) and The Ranch (writer: Emily Hirshey, 20 episodes) have both gotten the green light for three or more seasons, chances for this Norman Lear reboot are pretty good.

The first season also earned an abundance of accolades, and not just from critics and audience members. The National Hispanic Media Coalition awarded the series its Impact Award for Outstanding Comedy Series. The cast and crew also took home several trophies at the Imogen Awards for Latino representation in the entertainment industry.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also honored the series with a Voice Award. So, this show is being recognized and making a difference with only one season out for public consumption — that bodes well for more.

Here's another thing — right now, everyone is obsessed with Rita Moreno, who plays Lydia. Just in the first few weeks of 2018, the EGOT award-winning actor got a standing ovation before presenting Morgan Freeman with an honorary Screen Actor's Guild Award. She literally rolled up to the Golden Globes on a rascal scooter with Lear himself. (Only to then be cited by the New York Times as "Norman Lear's guest," which, rude.) Before that, Moreno had everyone laughing at the Kennedy Center Honors with a quip about sexual harassment in Hollywood. Netflix would do well to keep the Moreno train going.

And, it seems like Season 2 will do just that and then some. In an interview with UPROXX, Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce talked about the positive response to Season 1 and how they'll continue to combine laughs with heavy subjects this time around, especially now that audiences have seen what they're working on — which wasn't the case before.

"We’ve been so moved by the kindness that we’ve received," said Kellett. "When you come with your show, you just start waiting for the trolls and the people that are going to take a dump on us."

Multi-cam sitcoms aren't for everybody, after all. "I would say give us three episodes," she said. "If you don’t like it, then we’re not for you, and that’s OK. But people have been pretty nice [and] I think we were going to do the stories we were going to do regardless."

Still, it's always better to get positive feedback. "I think it gave us confidence in the tone of the show," Royce said in the same interview about the positive fan and critical response. As for what fans can expect? "This season we have plenty of episodes where — there’s always some emotion — but this one’s super heavy and the one after this is super heavy," said Royce. "But there’s lighter ones."

So while Season 3 seems like a sure thing, keep watching and spreading the word. Fan attention can do wonders for a show. And, if it is renewed, look for more One Day At A Time (director: Pamela Fryman, four episodes) in January of 2019 like when the last two seasons premiered. Hopefully fans like me will have the good news soon.