Why This Former OC Housewife Has Probably Left The Franchise Behind For Good


Fortunately for Bravo afficionados everywhere, The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 13 premieres Monday, July 16, at 9 p.m. ET. Among its luxurious housewives last season was one Peggy Sulahian, the Armenian-American who was married to a cars enthusiast named Diko. So will Peggy return to RHOC to this season — even in a cameo — or is she really out for good?

Sadly for Peggy fans everywhere, it looks as though the 100th housewife has hung up her sequined gown for good. News broke earlier this year that Peggy Sulahian was out of the show after just one season. She first announced the news back on Feb. 12, 2018 on her personal Instagram and confirmed her departure again on Feb. 13 in a statement to Bravo's Daily Dish. Peggy said:

"I am extremely proud of being the 1st Armenian-American Housewife and sharing my culture with the world. While I faced and conquered many challenges, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my story and spread awareness of breast cancer. Dealing with the disease and the passing of my father challenged me to reassess and reflect on my life, and I’ve realized what’s most important is leading a healthy and happy life, surrounded by people who care and love you. At this point, moving on seemed like the right thing to do. A few new ventures have availed themselves, and I look forward to sharing them with you soon!"

According to her Bravo bio, Peggy had a double mastectomy after a lump was discovered in her breast. And since she had lost her mother to breast cancer, the housewife's surgical precaution was understandable. Then, in August 2017, she clarified on Instagram that she was cancer-free, also explaining her reasons for getting a mastectomy. Consequently, Peggy has become passionate about raising awareness for breast cancer and urges her fans to get regular mammograms.

To make matters more complicated for her family, Peggy's father passed away shortly before they began filming Season 12, as Peggy told Andy Cohen in a reunion episode of RHOC. For that reason, filming the show was particularly difficult for Peggy, in between her father's death and her surgery. "I didn't make it obvious; I had expanders, I was on medication," she said in the same Bravo interview. "And I didn't want any sympathy — I just wanted support."

While on the show, the former RHOC star was also vocal about her Armenian heritage. She even praised the Kardashians for celebrating their shared culture when they visited Armenia back in April 2015. "I'm happy and grateful that [Kim] is on the show," Peggy said in a Bravo clip. "That she had brought the culture out there for the Armenians."

However, Peggy seems like she's doing well in the wake of leaving Bravo. The mother of three is busing tending to her children: Giovanna, Gianelle, and Koko. What's more, she recently bought a french bulldog puppy for Giovanna's 21st birthday, which they aptly named Bugatti. And it looks like the newest member of the Sulahian is settling into his newfound life of luxury.

Peggy also appears to be ramping up for a product launch with the champagne brand Veuve Clicquot and has been teasing promotional images on her Instagram. She also has her own Alkali Beauty hairspray, Peggy Sulahian's Tease Spray, which she also boosts on social media.

However, the Armenian-American housewife isn't the only castmember who won't be returning to RHOC this season. Per Us Weekly, fellow housewives Meghan King Edmonds and Lydia McLaughlin are also exiting the series and won't appear in Season 13.

So while Peggy won't be coming back for round 13, Orange County fans can still tune in tonight to watch Shannon, Kelly, Vicki, Tamra, Gina, and Emily get into some trouble in the Golden State. Maybe Peggy will be watching too.