'Pure' Fans Will Be SO Pleased With Charley Clive's Comments About The Show's Future

Channel 4

The Channel 4 dramedy Pure follows the story of a young woman, who, after moving from a small Scottish town to the bright lights of London, begins to deal with her obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). The series is based on Rose Cartwright's memoir of the same name, which documents the author's struggle with mental health, as well as her constant and intrusive sexual thoughts that are brought on by her OCD. The cast of the show includes Irish actor Niamh Algar and Peaky Blinders star Joe Cole. But will Pure return for season 2?

Currently, there has been no official announcement in regards to a second series of Pure. Bustle have reached out to the broadcaster for comment on the matter, and once more information becomes available we'll update you right away.

The series' protagonist Marnie, a 24 year old who suffers from a rare form of OCD known as Pure O, is played actress Charly Clive. During an interview with NME, Clive expressed her interest in a second season of the show. When asked if she would like to be involved in Pure series 2, the actress said: "Definitely! Either way I’m so proud to have been part of what we’ve got now with season one. And I’m hoping that people really like it. And if we do get a second series, there’s definitely a lot of material. I hope that the series could go either way. It doesn’t leave on a big cliff hanger necessarily, but there’s no shortage of stuff we could talk about."

Clive has previously praised Pure for shining a much-needed light on Pure O, which is a lesser-known form of OCD. And in the interview with NME, she discussed society's attitude when it comes to talking about OCD in general. When the interviewer said to Clive, "[O]ften people say 'oh I’m a bit OCD' when they mean they’re a bit clean. Did you learn a lot about OCD that surprised you?", she responded:

"That's something I used to do as well, that flippancy about the term OCD, which is really common. I didn’t know there were so many kinds, and I didn’t know that it was it’s own disorder separate from anxiety. And Pure O is really hard to wrap your head around because everyone experiences intrusive thoughts, and I feel like at any given day you could be like 'is that me?' But the extremity of it is so different, and so indicative of Marnie’s Pure O which is thoughts of a sexual nature."

Cartwright wrote and crowdfunded her now adapted memoir back in 2015 and, after reaching her target, the book was published. According to the author's official website, Cartwright pitched the memoir as a television show to Channel 4 the following year, and after some consideration, Pure was green-lit by the broadcaster.

Any project that aims to shed a light on important issues such as mental health certainly has my attention. Here's hoping Channel 4 renews Pure for season two.