Ramona & Bethenny Are On The Outs On 'RHONY'

Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Ramona, Bethenny, and Luann are the only Housewives left from the New York franchise that have started from the bottom. Bethenny left for a bit (she got her own show, so she’s always been on television for the most part), but it still counts. But all of that familiarity must breed contempt, because Ramona and Bethenny are not having a great time together anymore. Will Ramona and Bethenny make up on Real Housewives Of New York? This friendship has certainly seen better days.

Like any relationship, Bethenny and Ramona have had their ups and downs. There were highs when Bethenny was with Ramona during her divorce and Ramona was with Bethenny during her health scare last season, and there were lows, like when Ramona told Bethenny on the Brooklyn Bridge that she would drive away everyone she loved, or when Ramona asked Bethenny about Bethenny doing a movie sex scene under the guise of being concerned for Bethenny’s daughter. Bethenny has had it up to here with Ramona, mostly because Ramona can't seem take responsibility for much of what she says. At least Bethenny, if you call her on her you-know-what, she’ll apologize or at least back up her assertions. Ramona does this whole “who, me?” thing that is not endearing or cute after the age of 12. Ramona is an adult woman that should know when to apologize. Period.

I can’t blame Bethenny for being over it. I would be over it, too. Bethenny has said that she’ll be cordial and pleasant and that’s it, and that’s what I would do, too. Bethenny and Ramona are contractually obligated to hang out together, and if Bethenny wants to keep her sanity (and not end up like Ramona), she needs to have a game plan for avoiding the Ramonacoaster. We'll just have to wait and see what she does for the rest of the season.