Raven's Parents May Be Skipping The Disney Reboot

Disney Channel

Raven can see into the future, but fans of the Disney Channel series That's So Raven without the gift of sight were surprised to discover the show was returning with a spinoff. Raven's Home premieres on July 21, bringing Raven-Symoné back as the title character, alongside Anneliese van der Pol as Chelsea. But the best friends aren't the only characters fans would like to see return from the original series, and the story may leave the door open for cameos. She's all grown up now, but will Raven's parents be on Raven's Home?

A little online investigating and some sleuthing on IMDB came up dry. The actors who played Raven's parents in That's So Raven, Rondell Sheridan and T'Keyah Crystal Keymáh, have not been confirmed for the 2017 reboot. Though, if I were placing bets, I'd say there's a better chance that Sheridan will make an appearance on the show before Keymáh, as Keymáh exited That's So Raven well before the series finale.

Keymáh's character, Tanya Baxter, was absent for the final season, and was said to be in London for law school. Sheridan, who played Raven's dad Victor Baxter, went on to reprise his role on the first That's So Raven spinoff, Cory in the House. Raven-Symoné made cameo appearances on the Cory series, but Keymáh's character was still said to be out of the country.

However, Keymáh has only said positive things about That's So Raven since exiting the series. An MTV article explains that Keymáh left the show to be a caregiver to her grandmother with Alzheimer's disease — not because of any behind-the-scenes drama or disputes. Keymáh has also posted trailers for Raven's Home and spoken highly of the show on social media.

It's been more than a decade since Keymáh has played a part in the Baxter family, and her IMDB page shows a six-year gap in her acting resume from 2006 — when she left the series — until 2012. Though, she seems to be pretty busy these days, with a dozen credits to her name since 2015.

Sheridan played Victor Baxter until 2008, and his IMDB page only boasts four credits since Cory in the House. While he was dedicated to the Baxter family's previous shows, there is no confirmation that he will reprise the character on Raven's Home.

While it would be great to see Keymáh or Sheridan again, Raven is all grown up on the new series. In fact, she's a mom now with two kids of her own. It'll be interesting to see Raven taking on the parental role in the revival series. Fans will just have to tune into the show to see if the Baxter grandparents make an appearance. Unless they get their own visions — and, in that case, no spoilers please.