Will 'Ride' Return For Season 2? Saddle Up To These Tween Series In The Meantime


Oh, Ride, we hardly knew ye. Nickelodeon's new live-action series just premiered on the network on Monday, Jan. 30, and after back-to-back episodes aired every weeknight since then, it's time for this equestrian show to ride off into the sunset for the season. But will Ride return for Season 2?

Ride could certainly live to see another day — or it could not. That all depends on whether or not it'll be renewed for another season, which is a bit of a mystery right now. That's because neither Nickelodeon nor the network on which the series first premiered in Canada, YTV, have officially announced the series' return. Ride's production companies, Breakthrough Entertainment and Buccaneer Media, have also not yet officially announced anything about the show's fate.

But I did find some news on Breakthrough Entertainment's official website that seems like a good sign about the future of the series. Ride inked a publishing deal with Candlewick Entertainment, an imprint of Candlewick Press, for a series of books based on the show set to launch in September 2017 with Ride: Kit Meets Covington, followed by two additional titles in Spring 2018, the production company announced in January. They wouldn't launch a book series around a show that no one cared about, so this seems like a positive indication that the public is interested in Ride. If nothing else, we know that there will be more Ride in some form in the future.

Since Ride's time on Nickelodeon has been relatively short, you may be looking (or have already been on the hunt) for your next tween show to enjoy. Luckily, we live in a world where there's never a shortage of these fun, bubbly, and lighthearted TV shows, especially on streaming platforms, which can make it difficult to know where to start. So if you really loved Ride, you might want to check out one of these series next.


4DigitalMedia on YouTube

If you love the horsin' around that goes on in Ride since it chronicles one American girl's adventures at an equestrian boarding school in England, then you should give Heartland a try. The Canadian TV show, which you can find several seasons of on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, is adapted from Lauren Brooke's popular series of novels and chronicles sisters Amy and Lou's fight to help their grandfather keep the family's ranch in operation. The series also kicks off with Amy and Lou dealing with the sudden death of their mother. So expect a lot of drama and pretty pastorals from Heartland.

'Video Game High School'

Netflix US & Canada on YouTube

If you like the fact that Ride presents a different kind of school, you'll love Video Game High School on Netflix, which presents a totally unique learning experience that's all about gaming. It's definitely cool to see a high school where the curriculum and extracurricular activities are so tech-focused.


Disney Channel BUNK'D on YouTube

Ride is very much a fish-out-of-water series, what with Kit Bridges (Kendra Leigh Timmins) having to adjust to not only a new school setting in another country but also picking up a brand-new passion in equestrian. Bunk'd, which is available to stream on Netflix, similarly puts the Ross siblings of Disney Channel's Jessie out of their element in New York City and into the wild at summer camp. The results are about as disastrous and hilarious as you'd think.

'A.N.T. Farm'

dedicated2disney on YouTube

The musical prodigy main protagonist of A.N.T. Farm, Chyna (China Anne McClain), also has some major adjustments to make as she skips some grades to be in the Advanced Natural Talent program at her local high school. Of course, the students who are her senior aren't too happy that a youngster is on their level, but at least Chyna has her fellow A.N.T. Farmers by her side to help her get through it all. Yes, this series, which is available to stream on Netflix and Hulu, is as adorable as you'd think, but sometimes you just need that, you know?


Family Channel on YouTube

Backstage, which you can watch on Netflix, is basically Canada's version of Fame. The series follows a group of students at a cutthroat and competitive school for the arts where challenging assignments are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the obstacles they face.

'Mr. Young'

Thunderbird Films on YouTube

Tween series often have a real knack for finding the fun in those awkward adolescent years. Ride certainly does that, as does Mr. Young, a Canadian comedy that follows Adam Young (Brendan Meyer), a high school science teacher. And, oh yeah, he graduated from college at 14 years old, so he's basically the same age as his students. Yes, this show does feature the exchange: "I'm a teacher." "You're a kid." "I'm both."

May these series keep you entertained until the fate of Ride is revealed.