'Rosewood's Season 3 Outlook Is Still Uncertain

Ray Mickshaw/FOX

TV just wouldn't be the same without charming, sexy doctors, and one of the best current examples of that tradition is Dr. Beaumont Rosewood (Morris Chestnut) from FOX's Rosewood. Specifically a pathologist, Chestnut's character has been using his skills and training to solve crimes for two seasons now. The Season 2 finale airs April 28, but will Rosewood return for Season 3?

FOX hasn't made a decision about Rosewood's future yet, but there are a few factors weighing on whether the show will be back for third season this fall. The show's ratings will probably be a factor, and the news is a little mixed there. Unfortunately, being moved from Wednesdays, where it was paired with Empire has resulted in a slight dip for Rosewood's Season 2 ratings, according to TV Series Finale. The show's first season averaged almost 5 million total viewers per week, while the second season hovered between 2.5 million and 3.5 million total viewers on average.

Empire is one of the most popular shows on TV, though, so having its own night — opposite Shondaland, no less — doesn't mean Rosewood's ratings slipped because of any drop in quality. But it's Peak TV, guys. Not every show, even network show, needs to reach Empire numbers to be considered a hit.

If the show is renewed by Fox, you'll probably still have to wait until the fall in order to see more. So, while you wait, enjoy these streamable medical dramas:

Grey's Anatomy

You can stream twelve full seasons of Grey's on Netflix, so there's no reason to be bored during the Rosewood hiatus. If you've never seen the show, prepare to be addicted (and have your heart broken). And if you have, you already know that rewatching is the perfect way to pass the relative dead zone of summer TV.

Private Practice

And if you need more Shonda-produced dramas in your life after burning through Grey's, check out its spinoff, Private Practice.

The Crimson Field

Amazon Prime has a good amount of PBS productions available, including this WWI drama about a mixed gender group of doctors and nurses — some of whom have never worked in medicine before — working in a hospital serving the soldiers fighting in France during World War II.


For most of its runtime, this series is a largely fun and goofy take on the medical drama. The ninth and final season was a bit of a reboot and isn't everyone's favorite.

Call The Midwife

This thoughtful BBC drama is another mix of period piece and medical series, with a shot of feminism as well. Watching these medical professionals save lives and bring life into the world is inspirational and great drama.

Nurse Jackie

I nearly typed "Nurse Drama," here, and if that were the title, it wouldn't be inaccurate. But Edie Falco's performance anchors this show through some uneven plot developments.

There's still hope if you're a Rosewood fan hoping that the series isn't on the slab for good. While you wait, these medical series can take your appointments.