How The New 'Sacred Games' Characters Could Impact Season 3

Ishika Mohan Motwane/Netflix

Netflix's Indian thriller, Sacred Games, returns Aug. 18 with more heart-pounding action. There's a lot left to explore with Sartaj Singh's story as he digs deeper into Mumbai's criminal underworld. And though it's unclear if Sacred Games will return for Season 3, hopefully, fans will have even more to look forward to after making their way through the new episodes — especially since there are so many exciting new developments this season.

For one, the show is expanding past the 2006 novel it's based on, which means fresh material for even the fans who've read it. That includes introducing a couple of new female characters, such as Batya Ableman, a longtime follower of spiritual counselor Guruji (Pankaj Tripathi), who appeared briefly in Season 1 and, according to Gadgets 360, has a larger role in Season 2. "She goes from, you know, wanting to be this rebel, to this calm, quiet 'I know the answers to life' kind of person," actress Kalki Koechilin, who plays Batya, told Gadget, adding that she has a personal connection to the storyline.

"I grew up with meditation [centers]," she explained. "I grew up with these kind of communal workshops on how to better yourself as a person. And listening to long stories, lectures. Everyone thought they were a guru. It wasn't just the guru, it was everyone. So, I know what that feels like."

Ishika Mohan Motwane/Netflix

According to Mashable India, Sobhita Dhulipala — who was Miss Earth India in 2013 and starred in Made In Heaven alongside Koechilin — will also join the Sacred Games cast in an unclear capacity. Strangely, there is no further information about whether Dhulipala will be in a recurring role or just make a cameo in the series, which is a big deal considering her popularity. She hasn't yet mentioned anything about the part on her Instagram, so perhaps details about her character are being kept under wraps, and she'll play a key part in Season 2. Whatever the case, fans will have to tune in and see if she will be a love interest, spy, killer, or all of the above.

The Sacred Games Season 2 trailer doesn't offer any more insight, as Dhulipala doesn't appear to be in it. At one point, there's a scene of a woman peeking out from a box, but the view of her face isn’t clear enough to tell if it's Dhulipala. Koechilin, however, does make a few silent appearances in between investigative scenes, gunfire, and blood. At one point, she swallows an unidentified substance (hopefully not poison?), and she comes across a lot more dangerous than her calm spirit initially lets on.

It remains to be seen how much of an impact these new characters will have on the show's overall plot, but perhaps they will be game-changers in this fight for power and truth. Sacred Games seems to be bringing a ton of action and drama in Season 2, and hopefully that will be enough to score a third season renewal.