This Is How To Catch Up On 'Sharp Objects', Because The HBO Thriller Is Gripping AF

Sharp Objects / HBO

U.S. psychological thriller Sharp Objects has been making waves since its television debut last year, and recently actress Patricia Clarkson bagged herself the Best Supporting Actress award at this year's prestigious Golden Globe Awards. The acclaimed series tells the story of a troubled crime reporter who returns to her home town in order to investigate a double murder. But will Sharp Objects be on Netflix UK?

Unfortunately, the series is currently not available on Netflix in the UK, I've reached out to representatives of the streaming platform for comment on the matter, and will update with any information once it becomes available. As reported by Digital Spy, the first season was originally shown on Sky Atlantic here in the UK, however, Sharp Objects is now only available to watch on Amazon Prime, and physical copies of the DVD and Blu Ray are also available to purchase.

The miniseries stars five-time Academy Award nominee, Amy Adams, and is based on a novel of the same name, penned by author Gillian Flynn. The premise of the HBO series centres around crime reporter, Camille Preaker (Adams), who suffers from alcoholism, and was recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital due to self-harming. The character returns to her hometown to investigate the shocking murder of two young girls, reports Entertainment Weekly, and the assignment forces her to return to her childhood home, under the watchful eye of her sometimes critical mother.

Another star of the hit U.S. drama is American actress Sydney Sweeney, who portrays the character of Alice in the series. In the show, Alice meets lead character Camille during her stay at a psychiatric hospital, and when speaking to Digital Spy, Sweeney revealed that the adaptation would have the same vibe as fellow HBO series, Big Little Lies. She said: "Because of Jean-Marc Vallée, it will have that Big Little Lies feeling, but it's much darker and way more twisted." And when discussing the details of her character, she revealed "You'll meet my character Alice when we dive deeper into Amy's (Adams) character's past. Alice cuts herself so that's where Amy's character and my character start to bond over the shared experience," and added "She becomes very close to Camille and they form a mother/daughter/sister type relationship, and it affects Camille's character very strongly."

The 21-year-old actress, who has also appears in The Handmaids Tale, also revealed that her role in Sharp Objects was originally intended to be much less significant, until the show's director, Jean-Marc Vallée, kept asking her to come back. She revealed that the director "kept bringing me back more and more for different scenes, and he'd add me in here and there, so really he and I were able to build my character together." Just like her character on the show, Sweeney also began to form a bond with co-star Adams, who the actress has described as a "role model." She said "Amy Adams is incredible and inspiring — she's amazing. We just talked about life which was interesting, and because I was very nervous and because our characters started bonding, we started bonding. We needed something to pull us out."