Here's What We Know About 'Stath Lets Flats' Being Renewed For A Third Season

Channel 4

Channel 4 is known for producing quality comedies, and there are no signs of the broadcaster's comedy department slowing down anytime soon. Last year, viewers were introduced to Stath (played by Jamie Demetriou), a lettings agent working for his father's London-based firm who manages to find himself in all sorts of bizarrely hilarious situations with his sister, Sophie (played by Jamie's IRL sister, Natasia). These misadventures continued into a second series this year, which sadly finishes tonight. So, will Stath Lets Flats return for series 3? The show has gained a huge following, and now Stath fans are hungry for more.

Initially broadcast on Channel 4 in June 2018, Stath Lets Flats was renewed for a second series at the beginning of this year. "We did originally say no to this," Fiona McDermott, Head of Comedy at Channel 4 said in a press statement, then jokingly continued: "But he just kept turning up, trying to get into the building. Sometimes it's just easier to give in isn't it?"

McDermott went on to say: "In all seriousness, we're thrilled to back Jamie and this gem of a show again." With that in mind, it wouldn't be out of the question to expect the series to return for a third, would it? Well, sadly it doesn't look like it'll be anytime soon, as Channel 4 tells me that "[t]here isn't any news yet".

Although, if they follow in the same sort of pattern as the first renewal, fans will probably hear something about a third series some point at the beginning of next year. And judging by Jamie's cryptic tweets of what to expect with this finale, I'm kinda hoping that it will return in some form or another.

There's nothing worse than being left on a cliffhanger, especially with a show as quality as this one.

Bu whatever happens with tonight's ending, it goes without saying that there is so much more for Stath Lets Flats to explore. "The world of letting just lends itself to character comedy," actor Katy Wix, who plays Carole, told the Guardian. "Lettings agents are just really on, they have this fake chumminess with the clients, the whole set-up of viewing lends itself to these characters revealing what idiots they are."

Channel 4

This comedy is then accentuated by the bonds of the show's creator and cast, and the fact they enjoy making the series so much. "I think my anxiety is part of what makes me try to create something that I love," Jamie recently told the Independent. "And if I didn't have it I'd be so relaxed that I'd end up releasing something that I didn't care as much about.

"Touch all the wood, long may we be able to work on projects like this," Natasia said. "I grew up watching Big Train, these collectives of comedians who knew each other, and as a comedy fan you knew who was going out, who were best friends. It's so rare now to do something like that. I had tears in my eyes every day on set. This is what I dreamed of doing."

The finale of Stath Lets Flats airs tonight at 10 p.m. on Channel 4.