Stephanie Could Be In Danger On 'Grey's'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Rare is the season of Grey’s Anatomy in which everyone lives through all 24 or so episodes. Shonda Rhimes is an ace at killing off people, and the only person who has really croaked in Season 13 is Maggie’s mom! There’s blood on the horizon on Grey’s Anatomy, and according to the previews for the May 11 episode, that person could be my favorite “new” character. Will Stephanie die on Grey’s Anatomy?

Stephanie is an absolute star when it comes to surgery — she has been crushing it under the tutelage of Amelia, Arizona, and Karev, and even Minnick, who seems impossible to please, loves her and called her a star. But Minnick did also say that it’s a little weird that Stephanie’s boyfriend (who was a patient) died and she never stopped working or got any sort of counseling for it. I could see how that could be a problem, but I think that Stephanie just throws herself into her work! Unfortunately, after Stephanie exploded at a patient, Minnick didn’t see it that way, and in the May 4 episode, she revoked Stephanie’s privileges at the hospital until she gets counseling. Oh boy. But that preview showed a snippet of a patient slamming Stephanie up against the wall. What is going on at Grey Sloan?

Stephanie could have snuck into the hospital or maybe she was undergoing counseling there, but unfortunately, it seems like she is in another dangerous situation. Sigh. I have the ultimate hopes that she will escape unscathed because she’s been so fun to watch and I want to know more about her backstory. Stephanie was sick as a child, and that’s why she wanted to become a doctor. But what else? She’s been through a lot at Grey Sloan with this team, and to lose her now would be to cut short a character that’s just waiting for more development (and she’s funny, too).