Tandy Is In Serious Trouble On 'Cloak & Dagger'

Patti Perret/Marvel/Freeform

Spoilers ahead for Cloak & Dagger’s “Alignment Chart” episode. Tandy and Tyrone are on the outs (again) and on individual missions to deliver justice. While Tyrone went on the hunt for Connors, Tandy decided to dig deeper into the human trafficking ring by learning more about Lia’s abusive ex-boyfriend who is well-connected in the underground world. Tandy is known for setting people up, but she ended up on the receiving end of Lia’s scheme that ended with her sedated in the back of an ambulance. It was an unexpected conclusion that brings up one big question — how will Tandy from Cloak & Dagger escape this dangerous situation? There’s no one who can keep Dagger down for long.

The revelation of Lia’s involvement in providing victims for this ring is especially sad considering she is the trusted leader of the support group for abused women and girls. She took Tandy (and fans) by surprise when she shocked Tandy with a taser as ambulance lights flashed in the background and presumably helped handcuff Tandy to a stretcher. But, she has messed with the wrong hero because Tandy will be coming for blood after she wakes from her sedated state.

There’s a strong possibility that Tandy will be able to escape on her own with her powers. She may be able to muster enough strength to create a ball of energy and light to stun everyone around her and escape. Or, once the drugs wear off, she can produce her daggers and simply try to fight her way out of the situation. Tandy was sprayed in the eyes, attacked with a taser, and sustained some injuries during her warehouse fight, so this could make a solo escape mission especially tricky.

Patti Perret/Marvel/Freeform

And, it will be even more complicated if she is severely outnumbered by bad guys or there are other women and girls that she cannot simply leave behind to save herself. Tandy has always found her way out of danger, but this might be the biggest individual test that she has met so far in the series.

Tyrone may also play a part in saving Tandy. Right now, he’s rightfully mad at her for using him in her scheme to get information from Lia, but they are divinely connected so it will only be a matter of time before he senses that she is in danger. And, he has mastered the art of drawing a veve to lock onto people, so it won’t be hard for him to teleport to her location.

The Divine Pairing always works well together to take down enemies, but things could get dangerous if Tandy is unable to him Tyrone fight. O’Reilly is pretty much useless at this point and Mayhem is supposedly still caught in Tyrone’s cloak, so there is no backup to help our heroes. But, they always find a way to come together and make a way out of a hopeless situation.

Hopefully, Tyrone and Tandy will be reunited soon so they can work together to put a stop to this horrific trafficking ring and finally deliver justice for Tyrone's family.