Alan Sugar Is Already Looking For Someone To Hire In 2019 & It Could Legit Be You

BBC/Boundless Taylor Herring

First it was Love Island, then I’m A Celebrity, now it’s The Apprentice. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m too reliant on watching peoples' successes and failures in love, survival, and business, or that I need to find a new hobby. Either way, it was a slight relief to finally see who would become Lord Alan Sugar’s next apprentice, and IMHO Sian Gabbidon was the perfect choice. And while I wish her every success, there’s one thing I need to know: will The Apprentice return in 2019, or will it be fired for good?

Well, it looks like there’s no stopping Sugar’s quest for the ultimate business empire as applications for the 2019 series are now open. If you found yourself questioning this year's contestants every move and have a knack for business — or already have your own start up — then there’s nothing stopping you from applying for the chance to be a potential contestant in the 2019 series. Applications are welcomed from everyone as long as you're 18 or over and “think you’ve got the talent and confidence to impress Britain’s toughest backer,” as digital casting agency eTribez describes in their application form.

Once you’ve got past the preliminarily sign-up stage, you’ll be faced with some questions to answer to fully fill out your application.

BBC/Boundless Taylor Herring

According to Radio Times, these range from “why you should be Lord Sugar’s business partner” to “what’s the most impressive thing you’ve ever done in business.” If your form impresses those selecting the potential contestants, Feb. 5 will be the day to look out for, as you will be contacted via email for an interview between Feb. 6 and Feb. 25 next year, according to the magazine. You have plenty of time to think through these answers, as the deadline for applications is on Jan. 28 at 11.59 p.m.

If you are also successful in this step, you will be called back for another interview between Feb. 26 and Mar. 4 in London. By the looks of this year’s series, production was already underway in the capital’s financial district in May as the candidates were spotted filming the opening credits, as the Daily Mail reported.

BBC/Boundless Taylor Herring

Although, you’ll be one in thousands applying for a chance to be under Lord Sugar’s wing. In 2010 there were reportedly 40,000 people who began the process, who are then chosen for the first interview based on their application form. If they are successful in landing the first interview, they'll need some luck to get the second as “about 75 candidates are called back for a second round in London,” as explained by BBC.

After completing various tasks in groups — much like the show itself — “around 30 candidates are assessed by a psychotherapist, references are taken, and other checks are made,” before the “final line-up are chosen.”

From there it's pretty much a straight run through the series until Lord Sugar decides on the winner. At least next year's candidates will know that an octopus hose isn't actually part of an octopus, ay?