People Need ColourPop X Alexis Ren's Topaz Palette

by Augusta Statz

When ColourPop collaborates, they never disappoint. I mean, they’ve brought us Hello Kitty products, Amanda Steele-inspired items and must-have KathleenLights makeup, just to give a few examples. And their latest collection made with the help of Alexis Ren certainly didn’t disappoint, either. Will the ColourPop X Alexis Ren Topaz Palette be restocked? This product proved to be very popular.

ColourPop stated on their website that this highlighter and bronzer duo along with the rest of the range would only be available while supplies lasted. Inevitably, the item sold out and is the first and only product in the collection to do so as of yet. The Topaz palette retailed for only $15, so it’s really no wonder people were more than willing to add it to their cart. But, ColourPop has released the best news! According to their Instagram account, the palette will be restocked.

The caption read, “Due to high demand & lots of requests to bring back, we are working on restocking.” There hasn’t been a date announced just yet, but it’s nice to know this will be back again (and hopefully soon). The brand’s not in the business of disappointing its fans, and that’s precisely why it pays to shop from this brand.

Their first-ever pressed powder highlight shade is everything.


The highlight was combined with an equally as gorgeous bronzer, making this item destined to sell out.

I mean, just look at it in action!

Now, get up close and personal. How gorgeous?!

With fans mourning the loss of the product, the brand basically had to bring it back.

Those who did manage to get their hands on the Topaz Palette felt as though they'd accomplished quite a lot. And really, they had.

But, if you weren't one of the lucky ones to snag this the first time around, don't be too upset because ColourPop's got you. Get ready for this must-have to make a comeback! In the meantime, scoop up the other items from this collab before they're gone, too.