People Love This ColourPop x Alexis Ren Product

by Augusta Statz

ColourPop has been teasing the products from their latest collaboration for a while now, and it's likely given you just enough time to fall madly in love with them. So, since they’re finally available online, you’re going to want to get in on the shopping action. Is the ColourPop X Alexis Ren Topaz Palette sold out? This is one product you need to add to your cart immediately. UPDATE: The palette is sold out on the site, but according to ColourPop's Instagram, it will be restocked.

EARLIER: The Topaz Palette is a first for the brand. They’ve never released pressed powder versions of highlighters or bronzers before, but based on the swatches they’ve shown, they’ve really done a bang up job creating this. The company loves it so much, in fact, they decided to discontinue their other bronzer formula and only feature the pressed powder options from now on.

So, if you want to be the first to test out this formula before the new bronzer shades (and hopefully highlights) hit the site, you need to scoop up this $15 product before it’s gone! According to ColourPop’s Snapchat, the Topaz Palette is limited quantities and limited edition. Plus, it’s going quickly! It was still in stock at the time of publication, however, so I highly recommend you get over to the ColourPop site as soon as possible.

A product this good won't last forever.


I mean, just look at it. Of course it's almost sold out.

From the packaging to the pressed powders themselves, they really nailed it with this one, you guys.

The swatches from the entire collection are gorgeous.

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

These hues look incredible on a variety of skin tones, too.

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Topaz Palette, $15, ColourPop Cosmetics

You can shop the set on its own for just $15 while supplies last!

Courtesy ColourPop Cosmetics

Topaz Palette & Lexi Blotted Lip, $20, ColourPop Cosmetics

Or you can grab it in a set. Choose to pair it with a Blotted Lip, an Ultra Matte Lip or an Ultra Satin Lip from the collection and get it both for $20-$21.

This purchase is absolutely necessary.

No matter why you buy it, there's no going wrong with this palette in your makeup bag.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with shopping ColourPop products. In fact, the more, the better.

Don't miss out on the highlight and bronzer duo (or the rest of the ColourPop X Alexis Ren collab) before it's gone!