These Investigators Claim To Have Found The Zodiac Killer's DNA

Bettmann/Bettmann/Getty Images

Decades of investigation and research have been dedicated to discovering the identity of the Zodiac Killer and cracking his infamous code. Over the past few week, a docuseries on the History Channel aimed to do just that for viewers while providing more insight into this decades old mystery. The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer combines the minds of code-breakers and former and current law enforcement to try and crack the code and hopefully close the case. Now, that the season finale aired on Tuesday, Dec. 12, will The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer Season 2 happen? Considering that there have been developments in the case, such as the killer's possible DNA being found, the series may want to explore that in future episodes.

No official word has been released as of right now about whether or not a second season of The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer will return for another season. Per History's website for the show, it is referred to as a "limited series," which usually means a one season deal. But, the way that History is advertising the fifth and final episode of the first season of The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer is interesting. On their website, it says that Episode 5 is the "season" finale and not the "series" finale. Could this mean that there is another season to come? There's always the chance the network chooses a new case to continue "The Hunt" with. Or, History could extend this limited series into something more if there's further breaks in the Zodiac case.

After all, this first season did do real work in trying to crack portions of the code and investigate suspects. During his reign of terror in the '60s and '70s the Zodiac Killer was thought to have killed at least five people, but his identity was never discovered. He was fond of taunting law enforcement through cryptic letters, often about their failure to apprehend him.

The Hunt For The Zodiac Killer, over five episodes, thoroughly explored a case that has fascinated true crime fanatics for decades. Using their expertise and investigative skills, the team of past and present law enforcement officials and brilliant code breakers used CARMEL, "one of the most powerful computers on Earth," per History, to try to make connections and develop new answers to this infamous cold case. According to History, the computer, which was created by Kevin Knight, was literally programmed to "think" like the Zodiac Killer — and found new patterns in his codes that helped them narrow down their suspect list.

And, its discoveries made waves in the media. According to Fox News, the team "has the cooperation of the CIA and FBI" and may be able to use decades-old DNA to learn the Zodiac Killer's true identity. The team found alleged bloody handprints on the clothing of one of Zodiac's suspected victims. Touch DNA (aka analyzing very small amounts of DNA in skin cells that can be left behind after someone touches something), wasn't available technology during the initial murder. So, the team could get one step closer to learning who Zodiac is by using the touch DNA they reportedly collected. Fox News also reports that "the team says it may have solved a significant portion of the diabolically complicated Zodiac code, Z340, and has obtained unprecedented access to police files, new witnesses and clues." All of this has led cold case detective Ken Main to say, per Fox News, that while Zodiac is "probably the greatest American unsolved serial killing case ... I'm very confident it can be solved."

And, if new information stems from further computing or DNA testing, that could open up potential for a follow-up season — especially if the team the show focuses on really does crack the case. America would certainly want to tune in to see that.