Kylie Teased New Palettes & Lip Kits On Snapchat

Being a member of the Kardashian x Jenner family certainly has its privileges, like early (and copious) access to Kylie Cosmetics often sold-out products. But Kylie Jenner took things a step further this holiday season. The makeup mogul created a pink palette and products for her niece Penelope and a purple palette and other products for her niece North. She shared the pink and purple palettes via Snapchat on Christmas Day. They were fully packaged like usual Kylie Cosmetics products.

In the Snaps, Jenner can be heard saying, "Look at this makeup bag" and "North palettes" and "North Lip Kits." It sounds like she is going over the contents with either the girls who inspired these products or with their mothers aka Kourtney and Kim.

Of course Lip Kit lovers such as myself immediately wondered if Jenner just offered a sneak peek of her brand's 2017-planned products, especially since the packaging and the shades were produced.

Sure, she can have her manufacturer create one-offs and prototypes for special occasions such as this, since she is the boss. And remember, Jenner has shared shots of lip colors that she created but that never made it into full production.

Will the Penelope Pink and North Purple Kylie Cosmetics products actually go on sale? We just don't know yet.

Here is a screenshot of Jenner's Christmas Snaps. It says "All pink for Penelope," which seems to suggest the collection was made specifically and solely for her niece. Or maybe Penelope is the source of inspo and we may be getting these next year. Right now, we just don't know what the deal is because Jenner hasn't said.

Here's another look at the Penelope palette packaging. One would think if Jenner went all out to create these, she may take it to the next level and sell them to customers. Or maybe she wants to keep them custom and extra special for her little ladies. She had to know her customers and fans would be curious about the future status of these items.

This is the screen grab of the North Palette, which is purple. It looks as though Jenner created a supply for each girl and her mother. Yes, Penelope and North are still single digits in age and don't wear makeup yet, but it's all in good fun. They can totally play dress up and make believe.

Notice the packaging of the lippies is also different — colored caps! Those are usually black in the regular, non-limited edition packaging.

It's a lot to absorb, I know! I can't help but hope these eventually make it to the sales floor, which is the Kylie Cosmetics site. Hopefully Jenner will give us some sort of heads up about the deal with these beauties.

Images: Kylie Jenner Snapchat (5)