Why You'll See More Of 'The Masked Singer' Sooner Rather Than Later

by Johnny Brayson and Danielle Burgos
Joshua Sammer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another season of The Masked Singer has come and gone. With three seasons already in the can since its Jan. 2019 debut, the celebrity reality singing competition has emerged as one of the biggest shows on television. So the question isn't really, "Will The Masked Singer return for season 4?" but, "When will The Masked Singer return for season 4?" The Fox series is a beast in the ratings, and with three successful seasons already airing in less than a year and a half, it seems pretty likely that another season will air sooner rather than later. So, when should fans expect a new batch of Masked Singer episodes?

Turns out they won't have to wait very long. Earlier this month, Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch said Season 4 is targeted for "a fall debut", with production planned to start in early August "should conditions allow for it," Deadline reports.

The show's executive producer Craig Plestis also opened up about Season 4 to Variety. Though he said that it's too soon to discuss filming logistics, he shared that, “We’re designing costumes, I can tell you there’s some incredible groundbreaking ideas that we’re trying to do that you haven’t seen yet here in America, and there’s some designs that we have that no one has ever done before [around the world]. So we’re really excited about bringing those to life and beyond that there’s not much more I can give away at this early stage about formats and so forth.”

But in the meantime, fans have one final episode left of Season 3 to take solace in. “I think the Masked Singer weathered the storm of this pandemic but also kind of kept America together a little bit,” Plestis also told Variety. “I really believe Masked Singer was this respite for an hour out of all the trauma that everyone is going through. This is the time we can bond with everyone that’s in the house right now. And forget about the troubles and just laugh and guess.”