Will There Be A 'Derry Girls' Movie? The Cast Seem Totally Into The Idea & TBH, So Am I

Channel 4

Not since The Inbetweeners can I remember the nation getting so collectively excited with a comedy show as they are with Channel 4's major hit Derry Girls. Offering some much-needed Northern Irish representation, as well as some of the best characters on TV right now, it's only fair that the show should have all the same successes that The Inbetweeners enjoyed... like, say, a major motion picture? Now that there's been whispers of just that, I want to know for sure, will there be a Derry Girls movie? Because, let's face it, I think that's exactly what the world needs right now.

The cast of the show made an appearance at 2019's BAFTA awards on Sunday, May 12, as Derry Girls had received a nomination for best scripted comedy, as the Belfast Telegraph reports, but they were overlooked on the night. And, of course, fan furor ensued.

But before all that, there did seem to be a silver lining for Derry Girls fans, as Digital Spy caught up with the cast on the red carpet to ask them about the rumours of a potential Derry Girls movie they'd heard going around. And well, the cast seem pretty into that idea.

Siobhan McSweeney, who plays the school's strict Sister Michael on the show said that she'd "absolutely" be up for Derry Girls' heading to the silver screen. "Let's ride this Derry train for as long as we can convince people we're school kids," she joked to Digital Spy.

Channel 4

And Tommy Tiernan (aka Da Gerry) has previously dropped some hints about a potential movie. As comedy site Joe reported back in January, when Tiernan appeared on Ian Dempsey's show on Today FM, he revealed: "We finished filming the second series last Friday. That will go out in March and we're doing Season three and film, maybe."

According to the comedian, the film's fate depends on the show's writer Lisa McGee "going off to a shed in London and coming up with all these stories." As he gushed: "She's a genius, the amount of stories she's able to fit into each episode. It's fantastic." Since it's all on McGee at the moment, I've reached out to her agent to see whether she's working on that film script, so watch this space.

Plenty of fans have been getting rapturous over the rumours, comparing the show's arc to The Inbetweeners, as one Twitter user wrote on April 10, during the airing of series two: "The Inbetweeners ran for three series plus a film (we don't talk about the second one). Three series plus a film sounds right for #DerryGirls, too." I've checked in with someone at Channel 4 to see if they have Inbetweeners-like ambitions for Derry Girls, and I'll let you know if I get a reply.

In the meantime, all of this has kind of got me wishing The Inbetweeners didn't already tire out the lads holiday idea for their film, because I reckon a wee trip to Magaluf for the Derry Girls would have worked perfectly for their feature film.