Will Tiffany Haddish Host The Oscars? She'd Go For It Under One Totally Relatable Condition

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After they presented the awards for documentary short and live-action short during the 2018 Academy Awards, audiences became obsessed with the possibility of Tiffany Haddish and Maya Rudolph hosting the Oscars the next time around. As it turns out, Haddish isn't totally opposed to the idea. She actually thinks it would be pretty rad — but under one condition.

According to Variety, the news came while the actress spoke at the South by Southwest premiere of The Last O.G., her brand new comedy series that'll air on TBS. It's set to officially air on April 3 and also stars Tracy Morgan, so if you're a fan, mark your calendar. "And there was a social media campaign that was afoot to get you to host the Oscars next year," Variety's Ramin Setoodeh said to Haddish during Monday's SXSW panel. "Is that something you'd be interested in doing?" The audience couldn't contain itself so naturally, Haddish responded by telling a pretty hilarious story. Ultimately, in her mind, the Oscars weren't everything they were cracked up to be. Here's how she explained it:

In my mind, Maya [Rudolph] and I, we auditioned for the ultimate job because I thought we was getting paid for that presentation. And then I found out we didn’t get paid, then I was like, ‘I heard about gift bags.’ And then they were like, ‘We don’t got no gift bags,’ And then I was like ‘Well what do I get?’ and they [said] ‘We got a bottle of wine that’s like $13.’ So I had to buy the wine.

Hopefully the Oscars take that as a hint. After all, presenting in front of millions of viewers must be pretty nerve-racking, and probably requires lots of preparation time. Haddish continued to answer the moderator's question by laying out one very specific condition:

At the end of the day, I would love to do something like that. That would be a dream come true. I know my father would be extremely proud if I got to do that. As long as I get a paycheck.

And honestly, that's probably the most relatable thing any celeb has said about hosting the Oscars. Haddish's fans aren't surprised though. She and Rudolph became the highlight of the night when they hopped up on that stage for the 90th annual Academy Awards. The first words out of Haddish's mouth were, "We are so happy to be here, but our feet hurt." Essentially, she vocalized what nearly every woman in the theater was thinking to herself. It's that kind of down-to-earth humor and goofiness that's earned her so many fans.

In fact, during the SXSW panel, Haddish said she wasn't sure if that type of comedy would score her a role in TBS' The Last O.G.. “I think at first they were a little afraid I was too goofy and silly and wouldn’t be able to do it — but I brought it,” she told the audience on Monday. And it's clear it's working for her in Hollywood.

Prior to the Oscars, director Paul Thomas Anderson, who also happens to be married to Rudolph, told the Los Angeles Times that Rudolph and Haddish would make a great pair not only on the Oscars stage, but on the screen too. "That’s a combustible combination, the two of them," he told the outlet. "That’s what you dream of as a director." So who knows. Maybe you'll see Rudolph and Haddish co-starring in their own film one day too.

Whether she's hosting next year's oscars, starring in The Last O.G., or making a movie with Rudolph, you'll be seeing more of Haddish regardless.