‘Timeless’ Is In Danger Again & Fans Are Making Impassioned Pleas On Twitter

Ron Batzdorff/NBC

By a TV miracle, a Season 2 of Timeless on NBC exists. And for Timeless to be renewed for Season 3, some more time travel-like magic may need to occur. When Timeless was canceled after its first season, NBC rather unfathomably reversed its decision a few days later and gave the show another chance, as Vulture documented. NBC was swayed by the passionate Timeless fanbase and negotiated with the production company Sony to make a Season 2 a reality.

But jump in time a year later and Timeless is in danger of being canceled again. On May 5, showrunner Eric Kripke tweeted a letter from him, fellow showrunner Shawn Ryan, and the cast and crew that pleads for people to watch the two-part Season 2 finale live on Sunday, May 13 to help with the ratings. The letter also encourages writing to NBC on social media because the fate of Timeless rests in the hands of its fans yet again.

While Season 1 had 16 episodes, NBC gave Timeless just 10 episodes for its second shot. The final two episodes of Season 2 will both air on May 13 and this starts at an earlier time of 9 p.m., which Kripke hopes will help entice more viewers. And apparently, something major happens in the Season 2 finale that will make you extremely anxious for a Season 3. Wyatt actor Matt Lanter told Entertainment Tonight:

"There's a small bit at the very end that's a season cliffhanger and I can't wait for people to see this because it's awesome and — I promise you — it opens so many questions. It's one of those things that happens that changes everything we thought we knew about time travel. People's lives are hanging literally in the balance; there are literally people who could die or survive in this finale. It changes everything."

So, as history repeats itself for Timeless, you can try to keep the show alive for another season by tuning in live for that major cliffhanger of an ending. If you're searching for inspiration for you #RenewTimeless tweets, here are just some of the reasons why people are begging for a Timeless Season 3 on Twitter.

The Season 2 Finale Demands Another Season

People who had access to the finale before it aired echoed Lanter's statement that the Season 2 finale is a total game changer.

It's Worth Trading Your Soul For

The finale will leave you wanting to make unholy pacts to ensure a Season 3.

Seriously, You'll NEED A Season 3 After The Finale

This Entertainment Weekly editor gave a sneak peak into what your emotions will be like after the finale.

It's Fun For All Ages

This fan noted how Timeless appeals to all generations — from her 10-year-old son to her 72-year-old mother.

It's All About Love & Family

And the content matter is pretty family-friendly too. Even though it has a sci-fi premise, the show is really about human relationships at its core.

It Has Kelly Clarkson's Stamp Of Approval

Kelly Clarkson showed what a devoted fan she is in a series of tweets. She called the show "creative, different from everything else, and great" in her first #RenewTimeless tweet on May 6 and then continued with gems like the above where she references her movie From Justin To Kelly. She also tweeted, "In a world where reality can be terrifying and depressing, isn't it great to have a show on that is fun, historical escapism?!"

... and Leslie Jones'

Leslie Jones live tweets the show when she can. And even if she's not able to provide her play-by-play commentary, she has made her support of the show crystal clear.

... And William Shatner's!

WIlliam Shatner encourages people to tweet #Timeless when it's on the air to help spread the word. He even gives tips for best Twitter practices — like informing fans to make sure they use #Timeless and not just #RenewTimeless in their tweets.

It Changes Lives

In the May 6 episode, "The Day Reagan Was Shot," Wyatt, Rufus, Lucy, and Jiya meet a young Agent Christopher. While Agent Christopher is gay, she hasn't come out to her mother — even in the present day. But Lucy and Jiya encourage the young Agent Christopher to live a life that's true to herself and the episode inspired people in real life to come out to their families. As the above fan pointed out, that's a testament to the fact that Timeless is a TV show that actually changes lives.

With the fan support so strong on Twitter again, there's a chance that NBC could stick by Timeless. But you may want to encourage all your friends and family to watch Sunday night, because Timeless needs a lifeboat to survive.