It Looks Like #Tangela May Still Be A Thing After ‘Big Brother’ Is Over

Monty Brinton/CBS

Despite their fairly constant denials on the subject, it's clear that Big Brother houseguests Tyler and Angela have pretty strong feelings for another. And while they haven't reached Fessy and Haleigh (or even Cody and Jess) levels of PDA, they're definitely becoming more and more open about how much they care about each other. So will Tyler and Angela date after Big Brother is over or will this showmance be unable to survive outside of the house?

At the very beginning of the season, both Tyler and Angela were pretty adamant that they had no intention of being in a showmance and becoming involved in a romantic relationship with a houseguest in any way. "If I want to win, no [it's not a good idea]," Tyler stated in his CBS intro video. Though he also seemed to realize that with Big Brother you need to expect the unexpected, adding that, "Anything could happen, I guess."

Angela on the other hand was convinced it just wasn't in the cards for her, nor would it be a smart move if she wanted to win this thing. "I do not want to do a showmance," she explained in her own intro video. "I think that it is so dangerous to be in a showmance ... if [your partner makes] a mistake, they bring you down with them, and I'm not willing to put my game in another guy's hands and jeopardize my game because of their decisions."

But the heart wants what it wants and in spite of all their attempts to hide or deny it, Tyler and Angela (now known by fans as #Tangela), have been sharing some very intimate moments together.

But not all showmances are able to withstand the test of time. So it's difficult to say whether or not Angela and Tyler will try to make this relationship work once the season is over. However, their latest confessions, both to the camera and to each other, may indicate that they're already starting to seriously think about plans for the future.

During Sunday's episode, Tyler went to the Diary Room and spoke a little bit more about his hesitancy in having a showmance. “I’m not gonna throw my game away for a showmance! I promise you that," he told the camera. But then he began making a few confessions that seem to suggest otherwise. “Angela’s like a perfect human being but it’s super distracting and it’s driving me insane," he admitted. "It’s hard to not like Angela. She is like, to the T, the exact type of girl I would like in the real world.”

For her part, Angela seemed to share this sentiment, privately telling the cameras, “Yes, I think Tyler is attractive. Of course I do. OK, maybe I have a little crush on him.” She later added: "I’m not an open person. I have walls up, like boulders up. And if someone can get through the boulders, good job, because it doesn’t happen.”

Their comments indicate that there's a definite interest there. Tyler and Angela even made plans to hang out once the show is over, so they seem to want to stay in each other's lives once the competition is over. As for whether or not that'll turn into a full-fledged romance — you'll just have to wait and see.