Netflix's 'Warrior Nun' *Has* To Return For Season 2 After That Cliffhanger

Warrior Nun debuts on Netflix in July, via Netflix press site.

Netflix's new fantasy series Warrior Nun, which follows a teen girl named Ava who rather begrudgingly joins a secret order of fighting nuns, only made its debut on July 2. But already, reports have begun to circulate that Warrior Nun will be renewed for Season 2. The streaming service hasn't made any official announcements, so it's good to take any speculation with a grain of salt. But the same report — courtesy of What's On Netflix — suggested that Ozark would be renewed just one day before news broke that it's returning for Season 4, so it may hold some water.

There's also the fact that Warrior Nun is based on the comic book series Warrior Nun Areala. The show makes some significant changes to the source material — the lead character, Ava, isn't even in the original comic — but it could pull more from that universe later on. And it ends with a massive cliffhanger that feels like a clear set-up for Season 2, cutting to the end credits just as (spoiler alert!) the nuns are about to face off with a hoard of demons. It's also revealed that Father Vincent isn't a kindly leader, but a servant of the villainous Adriel — and the one who orchestrated the murder of Sister Shannon, who'd been the nuns' Halo-Bearer before Ava stumbled in the role.

"It was one of our earliest inspirations," showrunner Simon Barry told Decider of the twist. "If you rewatch the season, you’ll see that there are a lot of clues that we dropped in, that without that knowledge, kind of just go by. But when you do see them, they become very obvious."

He also confirmed to the outlet that they've been thinking about what's next for the show. "When we were breaking Season 1, we were already thinking about Season 2," Barry said. "We wanted the halo's story to be a bit of a mystery and be a bit of a contradiction, so that we would have more of a journey of mystery to continue into Season 2 if we were lucky enough to get one."

While you wait to find out if luck will be on their side, perhaps you can rewatch Season 1 for all those clues about Father Vincent.