William Shatner Is Not A Fan Of Nick Viall

Phillip Faraone/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Earlier this month, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor came to an end, and he decided to jump on the opportunity to try Dancing With The Stars, like many stars of the show have done before him. And when the show premiered this week, many members of Bachelor Nation were rooting for him, but a certain celebrity was not: William Shatner. Yes, apparently, Captain Kirk watches The Bachelor, and he has a lot to say about it. On Monday night, Shatner tried to convince his followers not to vote for Viall on DWTS, and it's really surprising how strong his opinions are on the topic. Update: Shatner has asked Viall to accept a peace rose on Twitter. "Hey @viallnicholas28 Will you accept this [peace emoji] [rose emoji]? As a Dad w/ daughters I'm not happy w/ what you've done in the past Maybe you've matured now?"

Earlier: It all started when Shatner started tweeting about how everyone needs to work together to make sure Viall was cut as early as possible in the season, and then, for the next 24 hours, continued to remind his followers to vote for anyone but Viall. He even occasionally responded to Bachelor fans who pointed out that what he was doing could be construed as bullying, but even that didn't stop him.

I am the kind of person who gets way too personally involved in reality shows, but this is a new level. Maybe it's because I didn't expect Shatner to be so invested; maybe it's because this just seems so random to me. Either way, it's definitely interesting.

Here are his initial tweets:

And then, when his followers started asking him why he doesn't like Viall, it all came out: He watched him on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette, and since then, his mind has officially been made up.

OK, let me level with you, Shatner, because I see where you're coming from. I understand why Viall didn't leave Dorfman's season as a fan favorite. But he seems to have recognized that what he said was wrong, so it's possible to me that this leopard could have changed his spots after all.

Did he miss the memo that everyone fell in love with Viall again while he was on Bachelor in Paradise last summer?! Apparently so! Also, let's let this sink in one more time: Captain Kirk watches The Bachelorette. Like, what?!

When Viall saw the tweets for himself, he opted to respond with just a bummed out emoji, and so did his partner, Peta Murgatroyd, but her emojis were crying. Surprisingly enough, Shatner's reply to her was actually really sweet... even if he has nothing good to say about her assigned celebrity this season.

It doesn't seem like Shatner is willing to budge on this one, so hopefully Murgatroyd isn't too disappointed. I'll be waiting to see if this continues for the rest of the season — or as long as Viall lasts, anyway. Now, I kind of want him to win, just to watch Shatner freak out.

Even though The Bachelor is over, the drama somehow isn't, even though Viall is now on another show entirely. What's not to love? Don't lie — you love it. And secretly, somewhere deep in his heart, I bet Shatner does too.