'Bachelorette' Fans Can't Stop Talking About Wills — And For Good Reason

by Marenah Dobin
ABC/Craig Sjodin; kboyer3/Twitter

If there's one major takeaway from Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette: The Bachelorette viewers want more Wills. He had a one-on-one date with Becca Kufrin in Park City, Utah during Week 5 of the season, but he really stood out from the crowd during Week 6. Unfortunately for Wills, he was stuck on a group date and had to fight for time with Becca, but don't worry, he pulled it off.

First of all, he wore a romphim on the group date — as in a male romper. Not only that, but he absolutely rocked the look with expertise. The romphim has been dissed as a funny trend to provide meme content for the past year, but Wills actually pulled off the outfit and stood out from the crowd in the best way possible. Wills served up another iconic look during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party. He wore a plaid suit, a move that some fans assumed could only be executed by the one and only Peter Kraus.

Aside from the fashion, Wills seems like the guy who says what viewers are thinking. Even without talking, Wills has the best reaction faces for every applicable moment. During the most recent episode, Wills took his game to the next level. The fashion was on point, the reaction faces were so accurate, and he expertly handled interruptions from Chris with both calmness and assertiveness — which is a rare feat in the Bachelor franchise.

This man can do it all. He can talk. He can dress. He stands out as a front runner for Becca's heart, and even to take on the lead role for the next Bachelor season (if fans have any say). The viewers want more Wills for so many different reasons.


He's A Favorite So Far

As per usual, the guys on The Bachelorette are a mix of viable candidates and men who are just there to provide good TV. Wills is that rare breed that can do both. He has cemented his status as a fan-favorite.


He's Assertive, Yet Calm

Yes, it actually is possible to get a point across without escalating the volume, getting physical, or cursing up a storm. Wills handles conflict with class and composure, i.e. he would be a great life partner.


He Would Be A Great Bachelor

Is it too early to start thinking about the next Bachelor lead? That's debatable, but it sure does seem like Wills should be on the short list of viable candidates. He is confident, articulate, funny, and he can dress. If that doesn't add up to a great Bachelor, then nothing does.


Wills Has It All Going For Him

Every time Wills seems like the best contestant on the show, he says or does something else that is even more impressive. This season could definitely use more Wills.


He Handled The Chris Interruption Perfectly

Chris interrupting Wills' alone time with Becca was all-too-familiar to the Bachelorette viewers, but no one handled it as well as Wills did. Ever.


He Has So Much Bachelor Potential

The #WillsForBachelor campaign has so much momentum. Even his name alone provides plenty of opportunities for catchphrases and marketing slogans.


He Stopped A Potential Arie 2.0 Situation

Was anyone else getting Arie Luyendyk Jr. vibes when Chris just would not leave Becca's side? Thankfully Wills was there to shut down that situation and get Chris away from Becca.


He Has The Best Style On The Show

How many black suits with white buttoned tops are on this show? Sure, it's a classic look, but Wills is blessing the viewers with so much more. What will he wear next!?


He Wore A Romphim

Why wasn't this ever mentioned on camera? Thankfully, the viewers on Twitter gave the style selection all of the attention that it deserves.


He Has Iconic Style

Name a better outfit that has been worn on this show.


He Pulled Off A Plaid Suit

The romphim was glorious, but the plaid suit just really sealed the deal. Wills truly does have the best wardrobe in The Bachelorette history.


He Deserves All Of The Attention Possible For That Suit

That suit deserves to be acknowledged — over and over again.


He Already Has A Catchphrase

"Sup, baby?" is easily the most quotable line of the season. It is simple, yet affective. It is useful in many situations. Where are the "sup, baby?" t-shirts and commemorative mugs?


He Is The Only That Can Pull Off Asking, "Sup, Baby?"

Could anyone else ask "sup, baby?" and make it seem as cool and seamless and Wills did? Most likely not. That was a classic moment worth watching many times over.


He Has To Have A Lot Of DMs After The Last Episode

After the episode, there are lots of viewers interested in Wills. How many of them slid into his DM's just to ask, "Sup, baby?" It has to be a lot, right?

Where there's a Wills, there's a way. As long as Wills stays on this show, the viewers will be compelled, entertained, and even inspired in the fashion department.