Twitter Totally Has Becca's Back After That VERY Awkward 'Bach' Elimination With Jean Blanc

Paul Hebert/ABC; Diggy Moreland/Twitter

Even though the last episode of The Bachelorette had two rose ceremonies, Jean Blanc didn't get sent home at either of them. Instead, he got eliminated in the middle of a group date. Talk about dramatic, but it was so necessary. So many viewers tweeted reactions to Becca eliminating Jean Blanc during Week 4 of The Bachelorette, and they just couldn't help having a strong response.

Jean Blanc told Becca he was falling in love with her, even though it's just the first week out of the mansion and they hadn't even had a solo date yet. It was too much too soon and the Bachelorette herself was clearly overwhelmed by his enthusiasm, given their lack of chemistry.

He went in for the kiss and their was still zero spark between them. Then he turned the awkwardness up a notch. The self-proclaimed colognoisseur gave Becca her own customized perfume called Becca Blanc. Then he decided to come back for more quality time while other guys on the group date still didn't get any alone time with Becca that night.

Becca clearly wasn't feeling it and offered to walk him out, i.e. eliminate him immediately. Then he told Becca that he wasn't really falling in love with her and just said it for the sake of it. Jean Blanc even had the nerve to ask about her keeping the perfume he had made for her. Becca was devastated by his blatant dishonesty and once again, Twitter users came out in full force to defend the beloved Bachelorette star.


He Came On Too Strong

Jean Blanc had to know that the scent-related puns were inevitable when he talked about his love for cologne during his intro video and when he gave Becca perfume. He really did come on too strong though.


He Did Not Earn A Lot Of Fans This Season

At first, the cologne fixation was sort of funny. He was super relatable when he reacted to Lincoln's claim that the world was flat. Then any good will he built up with the fandom just fell apart after that super awkward exchange with Becca during the group date.


He Said What He Thought She Wanted

Did Jean Blanc get manipulated by producers? Did he just think that Becca wanted to hear that? Why would he bother telling her he was falling in love only to say he really wasn't immediately after? This was not thought out. At all.


He Had No Idea What To Say

He had no idea what to say. He just kept digging his grave even deeper- clearly "drawing a blanc" searching for the right words.


He Moved Too Quickly

This was episode 4. They just left the mansion. He didn't even have a one on one date. This was just way too much too soon.


He Did Not Have A Good Reaction To The Elimination

Why couldn't he just walk out with some class instead of taking back his own words and asking Becca about the perfume he gave her?


He Gave Her A Perfume

It's (usually) nice to get a gift, but the perfume was just so awkward. They did not appear to have any real connection and it just was very off base given the depth of their relationship.


He Managed To Outdo Jordan

Jordan made everyone uncomfortable in those gold booty shorts, but Jean Blanc managed to prove an even more cringe-worthy moment.


He Just Kept Making It Worse

Just when it seemed like the conversation couldn't get any worse, it did. Over and over again.


He Made Becca AND The Viewers Uncomfortable

That. Was. So. Awkward. Of course he was nervous since he was in such an unusual situation attempting to date on a reality TV show, but it just gave some viewers vicarious embarrassment.


He Said Was Falling In Love WAY Too Soon

When the Bachelorette herself feels like someone is moving way too fast during an eight weeks of filming a reality TV show, then it has to be way too fast. This show is known for its fast pace, so if Jean Blanc was moving quickly given this context, it had to be way out of hand. Even Diggy, who appeared on Rachel's season, weighed in.


He Set Himself Up For Failure

This tweet wasn't actually about the elimination, but Jean Blanc definitely provided some foreshadowing for his demise when he said this and proceeded to fail at the lumberjack task.

That was just so beyond awkward to watch. It's possible Jean Blanc just let his nerves get the best of him. It's also possible that he was just saying what he "needed" to say in order to stay on the show. No matter what was really happening there, it was just a tough encounter to watch.