This 'Logan' Character Is Wolverine's Worst Enemy

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Wolverine isn't the only Wolverine in Logan. At least, not the only one with his DNA. It's already been confirmed that the little girl seen in the trailers is X-23, also known as Laura, a female clone of Wolverine from the original comics. But, it might surprise you to find out that X-23 isn't the only mutant clone in Logan. In fact — spoiler alert — she's not even the only Wolverine clone in the movie. X-24 in Logan is the Wolverine clone you weren't expecting. And he's definitely one you need to look out for.

In Logan, Laura is running away from Transigen, the company that created her, because they see their child mutant clones as project failures. To them, Laura isn't Laura, she's X-23, and she's an experiment that has run its course. X-24 is Transigen's newest experiment, and boy, is he something. X-24 is an exact clone of Wolverine. According to Doctor Rice, the mad scientist behind X-23 and X-24, he went full on clone for X-24 because he wanted to engineer a weapon, and, according to him, "You can't nurture rage." X-24 has an edge the kids like X-23 don't have: he's already grown up, and therefore isn't busy building a personality. He's like Wolverine pre-X-Men — all he wants to do is hit people and fight to the death.

Whenever X-24 shows up in Logan, it means trouble. If we've learned anything over the past 15 years of X-Men movies, it's that Wolverine loves a good fight, and he usually wins. But, he's never had to fight a genetically perfected clone of himself before. In Logan, Wolverine is old, he's tired and weak. X-24, however, hasn't been beaten down by years of fighting Magneto and falling in love with unattainable mutants. For all intents and purposes, X-24 is shiny and new. He's strong, his healing power is accelerated by Dr. Rice, and when he fights Wolverine, he only has one goal: to kill him. (Spoiler alert: X-24 doesn't make it out of Logan alive. Laura kills him during the final battle using the Adamantium bullet Wolverine's been saving for himself.)

X-24 isn't a figure in the comics, and his origin in Logan is a mystery. To create X-23, Transigen had surrogates cary her to term, but X-24 seems to have been created in his adult form. How, exactly, they managed to clone Wolverine, we'll never know. (At least, not in this round of X-Men films.) But, that's OK. I'll take two Hugh Jackmans any day, with or without an explanation.