Why Y7 Founder Sarah Levey Considers Herself An “Accidental Entrepreneur”

Together, girls are more powerful than ever before. In partnership with PINK GRL PWR, we’re celebrating women who’ve empowered, supported, and inspired their communities. Meet Sarah Levey, founder of Y7, a girl boss leaving her mark on the world and in the Bustle Booth.

Sweat-dripping, beat-bumping, candlelit yoga — that’s what Y7 is all about. When Sarah Levey, its CEO and co-founder, started her yoga pop-up in Williamsburg, it was out of frustration with other yoga studios.

“I could never find a place where I felt comfortable. The mirrors and bright light of some places left me feeling inadequate and distracted,” she said. “All I wanted was somewhere to move my body the way I was able and have fun.”

Now, there are 13 Y7 studios, and Levey said she’s learned a lot by being her own boss. Managing over 300 employees has been her biggest challenge, but it’s taught her to value each member of her team and what they bring to the company.

“I am surrounded by the most incredible, smart, and driven women,” she said. “They teach me things every day, and I am so lucky to have them.”

With all the success of Y7, you wouldn’t imagine that Levey still considers herself an “accidental entrepreneur,” but she’s incredibly humble about it all.

“I have no fancy degrees and am still figuring it out day to day,” she said. “There is opportunity for everyone. There is never going to be the right moment to start what you’re passionate about — if the passion is there, there is no way you won’t succeed.”

While she wouldn’t spill the details on what’s next for Y7 (a few more locations, perhaps?), she did give us the scoop on a lot more (her go-to coffee order? Iced black.) in her Bustle Booth answers below.

In partnership with PINK GRL PWR.