You Can Donate To The ACLU By Drinking Coffee RN

If you've been thinking, "Gee, I should really set up some donations for organizations fighting the good fight right now," fret no more, because you can now donate to the ACLU by drinking a cup of coffee. That's right: Thanks to a partnership between Sprudge, a coffee blog, and more than 500 coffee shops across the country, purchasing a coffee from your favorite place might just be the easiest way ever for you to throw some money toward an organization that is doing amazing work.

Here's how it works: Starting today, Feb. 3, through Sunday, Feb. 5, you can go to any one one of the participating shops and check out their donation options. Some participants are donating a portion of the coffee proceeds to the ACLU, while others are collecting donations in designated tip jars.

As of right now, Sprudge is matching up to $500 in donations with 26 companies, and is still on the look out for more corporate partners to match their donations. If you're a coffee shop owner looking to participate, you still can! Simply go to the Sprudge website to learn more about registering your shop.

What spurred this innovative idea? As we all know, many communities are worried about how the current administration will impact their legal protections and human rights. The ACLU has long been a defender of people's civil liberties, and has been vocal and active in their dedication to continue fighting on behalf of the people — making them an obvious choice for increased donations and attention.

Sprudge's donation plan originated with just 26 brands including La Colombe, Joe Coffee, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, and Blue Bottle Coffee. But word spread fast, and now a total of 278 brands and counting are involved in the super cool project.

If you're curious about other ways you can donate to organizations you care about, you have plenty of options: You can donate money, spend your time volunteering, or offer in-need skills pro bono, like translation or legal aid. It's also a good move to keep in mind smaller organizations that need donations but don't always get the same attention as power-house orgs.

But for now, drink up!